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Cycle Glide What's better than smart bike storage for your garage? I know I was going to have to locate ceiling studs in order to mount it, so no surprise there.

Saris Cycle Glide Ceiling Mounted 4-bike Storage Rack rack mount ceiling storage saris cycleglide 4-bike

If you have questions about your bike rack or are unsure which rack is best for you - we'd love to hear from you. All rights sarjs. Select Your Country United States.

rack ceiling mount saris storage cycleglide 4-bike

Home Bike Storage Cycle Glide. Cycle Glide.

rack saris ceiling storage 4-bike cycleglide mount

Add to Cart Buy Local Now. And it also does require at least a bit of upper body strength.

mount rack storage cycleglide 4-bike ceiling saris

After a fair amount of grunting and struggling, I did figure a few things out through trial and error. Then, based on wheelbase length, you can easily slide the bike the appropriate distance away from the second wheel hook.

ceiling mount rack 4-bike saris cycleglide storage

While the instructions say installation should take 1 to 2 hours, it took us about saria. We had trouble finding our ceiling joists, which has nothing to do with the CycleGlide and everything to do with how the house was constructed. We should have saris cycleglide 4-bike ceiling mount storage rack more time ahead of time to figure that out.

Half of our back garage wall has storage shelves.

mount rack ceiling saris cycleglide 4-bike storage

We had originally intended to place the rack in front of those, then realized we would be limiting our access to those shelves and aesthetically 44-bike would look really crowded. For us, we ended up placing the rack above the car instead. Be the first to review this product Back To Top.

4-bike storage cycleglide saris rack mount ceiling

Warranty, Returns, And Additional Information. Manufacturer Contact Info View other products from Saris. Through the Newegg EggXpert Review Program, Newegg invites its best reviewers, known as EggXperts, to post opinions about new and pre-release products to help their fellow customers make informed buying decisions.

4-bike ceiling storage mount rack cycleglide saris

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mount ceiling saris 4-bike rack cycleglide storage

This model is probably the best garage bike rack for families, because it is built to hold up to 4 bikes, and there is a 2-bike add-on available that allows storage of up to 6. Those with overhead racks for general cekling will find this ceiling rack matches almost seamlessly.

4-bike mount ceiling cycleglide rack saris storage

The Stoneman storage rack brings an interesting storage concept to the table. An adjustable support post stands from floor to ceiling, and each post will hold up to 2 bikes. The rack is adjustable for frame size and shape, and will securely hold up to 80 lbs per rack.

rack mount saris 4-bike storage ceiling cycleglide

This is the BikeBlock, which I originally made because I didn't really like any bike hanging solution for inside my home. I love woodwork, mouny made a prototype.

cycleglide 4-bike rack saris storage ceiling mount

I loved it, friends loved it - perhaps most importantly my partner loved it and stopped being annoyed by my bike leaning up in the hallway. Time passed and I eventually pulled my finger out and investigated laser cutting to allow small cyxleglide production - and here we are.

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Have a look at www. Read this article ages ago but finally got round to taking a photo of my solution.

New Bike Storage Inventions That Are On Another Level ▶1

I have a garage with open roof trusses so the solution was to go up. It also serves as a very crude work stand.

storage mount ceiling cycleglide rack 4-bike saris

Earis do you think? The [bike] is a smart bracket system designed to take advantage of your wall space and therefore maximise your floor area whilst providing a locking point to keep your bike secure.

Quick to install, [ bike ] comes boxed with high quality security fixings for solid concrete block or brick wall and installation instructions. When the saris cycleglide 4-bike ceiling mount storage rack is not in use, we provide an integrated protective bumper which can be fitted on the front.

cycleglide rack storage mount saris ceiling 4-bike

I'll get no marks for style here, but our bikes hang off plastic-coated steel hooks screwed into ceiling joists. Cost around a fiver for the lot. Just lift the front wheel onto the hook and you're done.

rack saris cycleglide storage ceiling 4-bike mount

There may be some domestic objection, and you need a joist in the right place, and it's hard to lock to a wall, otherwise nice and simple. After seeing them at Excel bike show, I got these Hangman racks.

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They sent me one to review, then I liked it so much I actually bought another one so I saris cycleglide 4-bike ceiling mount storage rack hang both bikes. It's meant the family's town bikes live in the alleyway, which has a corrugated plastic 'roof' and is locked, I'm not an animal but not only are they a good hanging solution that support the frame well.

rack ceiling saris storage cycleglide 4-bike mount

They also secure your bike. I only have one of these at the moment, I'm just trying to monsoon bike double the price for the copper and leather version for the next one!

ceiling mount storage 4-bike rack cycleglide saris

The main article has 14 images, of which 7 are quite clearly images of the storage device being used outside or in a shed or garage. Only two types?

cycleglide 4-bike ceiling rack storage saris mount

Which one of these two is the "Saris Parking Cycle Glide" that you mention in the article that is cyclsglide on the ceiling? I have thought about having a bike store inside the house but what stops me is the fact that I do not clean my bike after every ride and it can look a little less than wall worthy quite a lot of the time.

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rack saris cycleglide storage 4-bike mount ceiling

News:Saris CycleGlide Ceiling Mount Bike Storage in stock now! Choose Options Each of the four bike carriers is equipped with wheel hooks that adjust to match.

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