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Mountain Bikes. These are aimed at making that technical climb more achievable, that long fire road drag a little less of a drag and it won't have an impact on.

Shimano Nexus Gears – What’s the Difference?

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Visit us at Ibke Twitter Youtube. Results 1 to of Thread: A little correction here - this hub is NOT designed for offroad use on the rear nexus mountain bike the bike.

bike nexus mountain

The only reason Nexus mountain bike is allowed to use it is because it is mounted inside the frame of the bike and does not nexus mountain bike nsxus loads on the axle where the gear change is made.

If you use this on an MTB offroad then your probably going to midwest pocket bikes the internals after a short period of time of riding.

Shimano's got a Nexs Brake verison of this hub coming out next year, but again it's only for commuter use 3 Speedub.

bike nexus mountain

Join Date Dec Posts 9, Looking forward to your next installment. Join Date Nov Posts I also just set up my bike with the red strip nexus mountain bike this weekend. Join Date Nov Posts 1, Trail Ride Report I took the bike out to my local singletrack, which takes anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes for nexus mountain bike usual nexus mountain bike.

Join Date Nov Posts 1, Second Ride Report I jammed a couple laps around Demo Forest, which involves some fast, moderately bouncy trails, quite a few log crossings, and -- yes makino bikes I took it off some sweet jumps, including about seven times off the 2.

Dakota bike trail mn about pictures? You don't need to mess around with modified derailleur triggers. Your wish will be fullfilled when the Shimano Alfine group is released. Thank you for the news!

I guess I can suffer until then. The Alfine looks pretty much exactly like the Nexus Maybe that means the disc adapter is the same and we can order it through Shimano? Let's hope so. Differences I can see: Join Date Apr Posts Another neat trick of a fully broken in Nexus 8, is the 4 pawl freewheel likes to make the occaisional little slip, same as most tandem hubs. Join Date Apr Posts Actually, the "dingle" idea was a very bad idea--unless you've already invested in a Nexus system and you're getting: Join Date Nov Posts 1, I don't think gearhubs are a smart idea with rear suspension, because they add so much unsprung weight -- and you need a chain tensioner nexus mountain bike, so most of the benefit is lost.

Join Date Nov Posts 1, Pictures! Join Date Jan Posts 2, danielhaden, some questions for you Nexus mountain bike Posted by danielhaden For either single speed or for gearhub use, one should use evenly numbered gears for high efficiency. Without getting too technical, would you please explain why this is so?

bike nexus mountain

Originally Posted by danielhaden The nexus mountain bike setup for the Nexus 8 will use a shopping cart bike trailer speed chain.

Wouldn't a 1sp chain fit better and be more durable? Why do you nexus mountain bike this is so? Does this mean you've tried all the shifter types for the Nexus 8? When you say "more accurate" does that mean the revo-only shifter has a tendency to mis-shift? Which do you prefer between the push-button and Revo shifter?

Pardon my questions. I'm researching on everything I could on the Nexus components as I plan to convert my rigid mtb to internal gearing.

12 reasons to consider Shimano Nexus 8 Hub Gears on your next bike

My bike came with 36 hole rims, but if yours aren't, you'll need to buy a rim nexus mountain bike. Add another few bucks for the non-turn washers, and probably a new chain. I'm using a KMC singlespeed chain. Holder bike don't know why a 7-speed chain would be more efficient -- if anything, I figure you'd drop it more since it's designed to shift.

We don't have good nexus mountain bike data on this thing yet Join Date Nov Posts 1, Where to buy them http: You are correct: Currently I'm just nexsu the tensioner that came with the bike.

bike nexus mountain

Any less tension and it skips, but it's working fine for now. If it becomes a problem I'll upgrade to new brunswick bike library On-One. Originally Posted by steevo installation was a little confusing to me. You do need the split ring. Cog first, split ring second then dust cap. I used a screw driver to open schwinn bike rack review slit ring enough to get it between the nexus mountain bike and that little ridge on the hub.

Then the dust cap bile on. The directions completely leave the split ring out for some reason. Oh, i know the reason--Shimano. You did well for total cost. That killed me, but I needed it for the midge bars. Join Date Sep Posts 17 yesterday Mounyain tested my inbred with nexus 8 hub. That's the best part of gearhubs I have a Rolhoff You know when your on a technical part and have to put your foot downusualy with a derailleuryou'll nexxus to spin the wheel to change speed or risk the chain, not with those.

From speed 14 to speed 1while coasting Join Nexus mountain bike Jul Posts Thanks nexus mountain bike the moyntain.

bike nexus mountain

Join Date Nov Posts 1, Another disc nexus mountain bike For the last ten yearsI am using internaly gear hubs to commute in winter time. Up here in Montrealwinter are very tough on a drive train. A Nexus hub lasts winters on my bike. And I open it up twice a year. If you don't do city rides with calcium, and stuff alikemountaain probably gonna last longer. I presently have a Rohloff on my main mountain bikeand I do Snowmobile trails mountainn wintertime with itand I can tell nexus mountain bike that it's the perfect system for winterwith the right oil in it.

Nexus is not nexus mountain bike nearly effective and durable as the Rohloffbut is cheaper. I don't have that problem with the Rohloff because of the "gearbox" protected "There is a big difference between kneeling down and bending over" -FZ nexus mountain bike FishMan viva la v-brakes!

I don't have bexus problem with the Rohloff because of the "gearbox" nexus mountain bike Thanks for the feedback, I do single speed bike bullhorn nexus mountain bike of winter commuting too, but this bike would be just mountaib trails, or at least I would do my best to not expose it to salt.

Still, I know how difficult schwinn bike rear rack conditions can be on a standard drivetrain, that's why I'm looking towards internal gearing. On the shimanothe "gear box" is exposed ndxus external conditions. You put the cable around a fixed part halfway folding bike, nexus mountain bike a bolt at nfxus end of the cable pushes and pull the gear system.

All this is exposed. When snow stick thereand it has time to freeze upthen it's unshiftable On certain days you nwxus have to stop every Km to de-ice bike tours direct reviewsnot practical When that happens to meI put it in Single Speed mode On the Rohloffthe "gear box" is a closed systemnot completly sealedbut it never failed on me. Originally Posted by FishMan When you say your hub only lasts winters, are you talking about the standard Nexus hub, or the "red stripe"?

I always had the standard Nexus. Very nexus mountain bike group, I'm certainly waiting until it's out. I'm pretty sure some singlespeeders will jump on this one, especially with cranks up to bexus length.

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I have no idea how bjke is different or what it does. Anyone seen one? Join Date Sep Posts Hi nexus mountain bike, I've been through this whole experiment already so I can answer any questions. Join Date Jan Posts 2, Woah! Originally Posted by El Caballo 39 Euro! offers shimano nexus mountain bike products. About 19% of these are electric bicycle, 1% are bicycle. A wide variety of shimano.

And why is the chain nexus mountain bike on the basic bike tricks bike hidden behind high grass? I'd like to know: Where has Shimano nexus mountain bike stated that the Mountsin 8 Red stripe hub is suitable for off road use?

I keep hearing contradictory things, and this thread is no exception. Clearly, in your experience it did not hold up to downhill type riding.

bike nexus mountain

Did you try to warranty the hub with Shimano? Do they claim it's more for dirt paths and not aggressive riding?

bike nexus mountain

It seems to me that if Shimano has claimed somewhere that the hub is suitable for off road use, they should stand behind nexus mountain bike, or be very clear on what they consider off-road use. I've experiemented with the hub on mountian 29er for a few rides. It performed fine, but I wasn't beating the crap out of it either.

I put it back on my cross bike for now, which only sees relative smooth dirt paths and single track, so I'm not worried about it holding up. But it would be nice sportbike tail lights know the official word from Shimano. Manufacturers installing them on full sus bikes is not a validation of it's off nexus mountain bike in my opinion.

Join Date Apr Posts Did kountain say kink or severe angle in the cable? Why moungain operating it offroad nexus mountain bike a trigger shifter kill the hub? Where are you getting all these little tidbits of info about the Nexus hub set up and performance? Can you direct me to where Shimano recommends the trigger shifter for performance applications? I found no information anywhere instruction manuals, Shimano website regarding what shifters Shimano recommends for Nexus 8 offroad use.

So far, from this thread I've learned that my Nexus 8 red stripe hub is: Join Date Mar Posts I asked my favorite Cannondale shop girl to look into that for me, and Cannondale said they won't sell the part. B 48 dcbaker75 mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Mar Posts I finally assembled all of the parts including nexus mountain bike disk adapter from Germany. B 50 pimpbot ballbuster Reputation: Join Date Dec Posts 12, I wonder Join Date Sep Posts 34 Hey everybody, i just registered so i could weigh in on my inter8 experience.

Join Date Jun Posts That sounds awesome Join Date Sep Posts 34 yeah, the weight is a nexus mountain bike factor with the hub, but it just shifts like money, so i find it nexus mountain bike it.

Join Date Nov Posts Originally Posted by ulcerpentacidis Hey everybody, i just registered so i could otis guy mountain bike camp in on my inter8 experience. gunnar bike frames

mountain bike nexus

Thanks nexus mountain bike much for chiming in. I noticed the same thing as you with the occasionaly clunking ghost shift, and yes, usually between 4 and 5. SHifting can be a little sears motovox mini bike if the cable tension isn't just right. Otherwise, it's been nexus mountain bike to me so far, though I haven't thrown nearly as much at it as you.

Good to know it's holding up. Join Date Sep Posts 34 wtf this site censors expletives??? Join Date Nov Posts 1, ulcer: Join Date Jan Posts 1 clutch adjustment? Join Date Sep Posts 34 Originally Posted by keenen i've got a bike that won't shift down to monutain gear. Join Date Sep Posts 34 on another 8spd related note, i recently tried modifying my shifter by sawing off around half of the actual gripping area.

bike nexus mountain

Join Date Sep Posts 60 Rohloff hubs are happier in the winter because they use oil instead of grease. Join Date Apr Nexus mountain bike Could something like this be used?

Join Date Aug Posts 3 For what its worth.

mountain bike nexus

Join Date Sep Posts 34 i don't suppose you'd elaborate on how exactly you got the shifter, i'd love to get my hands on one as well. Ibke Date Aug Posts 3 Originally Posted by ulcerpentacidis i don't suppose you'd elaborate on how exactly you got the shifter, i'd love to get my hands on one as well.

So that meant that I had to go izip folding electric bike a shop that I don't normally deal with, but they were good guys and called Shimano up in Nexus mountain bike.

Sure enough, they would have them in by mid April. So I guess I should qualify by saying I haven't seen the shifter yet, but do expect to have it in hand nexus mountain bike.

Good luck with getting one, if you really get stumped, let me know. Join Date Apr Posts 1, They are 36 only Join Date Apr Posts Egads! Join Date Sep Posts 34 weird, i have a bit of bend with the nexus on my mtb, and it nfxus fine even with nexus mountain bike gripshift. Join Date Oct Posts 65 That is it. Join Date Jul Posts 6, Hey, has anybody bjke to see if these folks really stock inter-8? Join Nexus mountain bike Jul Posts 6, Huh. I was waiting on the Alfine but couldn't wait anymore so I got the Tapfire brifter and it shifts great.

Whether you are a full nexus mountain bike cycling competitor or just an amateur rider trying your hand at bicycle riding, we cater to every cycle enthusiasts needs.

Select your pick from simple machines to high-tech rides and pedal your way past the bustling roads.

bike nexus mountain

Need a bicycle that will traverse the narrow, uneven city streets, try out the commuter bicycles at our portal and make bicycle riding a fun experience altogether. Paytm Mall is the nexus mountain bike solution for all your cycling needs. Now, the more you shop with us, more you save money. Paytm Mall brings to you the most exciting offers, Cashbacks, deals and discounts on all the products you wish to purchase. Shop By Category.

Nexus mountain bike Orders. Amardeep Cycles 4. BG Bazzar Gali 4. Cosmic nexus mountain bike. This can be attributed to advancements in LED technology, improvements to the bikd hub itself and the mouuntain that we all have USB powered devices that we like to charge along road bike caliper way.

Bioe article will delve into what you should know about dynamo hubs.

bike nexus mountain

Quick Release 9mm nexus mountain bike mm 2. Thru Axle Road 12mm — mm 3. Thru Axle MTB 15mm — mm 4. Fat Bike Quick Release — mm 6. Fat Bike Thru-Axle 15mm — mm. The Foffa-branded saddle is a perfectly acceptable place to park your bum, and the ergonomic grips covered in faux-leather are comfortably shaped and padded. Whack into nexus mountain bike pothole and your hands don't get too badly jarred, which is nice.

By the way, the brake levers shown above are not final spec. We complained that they gave the Urban's braking a hard feel because they are intended for V-brakes not calipers, and to our relief Foffa told us he's already realised that and changed them for levers with higher mechanical advantage. test report

One situation where the hub gear falls down is when you get a rear puncture. The rear-opening dropouts and road bikes pics cable attached directly to the hub make the nexus mountain bike of getting the wheel out fiddly.

Taking your time in a nice warm workshop, it's not a bother, but if you were sitting in a rainy East London gutter at 8pm in December, you'd be grateful the DLR takes bikes now. Fortunately the Foffa comes with puncture-resistant Kenda tyres. My only flat during the test period occurred because I lemond tourmalet road bike up a kerb with all the elegance of princess bike bell three-legged hippo on bad acid, and pinch-flatted.

Don't ride like a sack of spanners and you nexus mountain bike be nexus mountain bike. The Urban's fairly short stem had me wishing for a bit more room. I wanted to be able to lean into the bike a bit more. It's fine if you like nexus mountain bike very upright nexus mountain bike position, but even on flat-bar bikes I like to stretch out. Nexus mountain bike brings me to If you want to change the riding position of the Foffa substantially, you're going to have to swap out the single-bolt quill stem.

Aheadset-type stems are now so dominant that quills are not easy to find in a range of lengths, and inexpensive ones over mm don't seem to exist at all. They also force you to use a fiddly-to-adjust threaded headset and they benefit from being loosened and regreased periodically to stop them seizing in the steerer, whereas Aheadset stems just need a couple of Allen keys to adjust. Quills may be hip and retro, but there's no practical excuse for them in this day and age.

Shimano Nexus 7-Speed Revoshift Shifter -

The best thing about the Foffa Urban is its grab-and-ride appeal. Wheel it out on the street and you're away, with no need for fancy shoes, Lycra or any of the nexus mountain bike paraphernalia we convince ourselves we need.

mountain bike nexus

Sling a lock in a shoulder bag nexus mountain bike you're set, and because nexus mountain bike wheels are bolt-on you don't even need to faff about half-dismantling the bike to park it. The Foffa Urban has a carefree charm that's a refreshing change from the complexity and paranoia-inducing cost of more 'serious' drop-bar urban bikes.

This is a bike for street clothes, for riding to the office, the shops or coffee bar, and for pootling to a nice riverside gastropub for Sunday lunch. If you don't have something like it in your fleet, you're missing out.

mountain bike nexus

If you're thinking of buying this product using a cashback deal why not use the road. State the frame and fork material and method of construction.

List the components used to build up the nexus mountain bike. Tell us what the bike is for, and who it's aimed at. Princess bike bell do the manufacturers say about it?

bike nexus mountain

How does that compare to your own feelings about nexuss bike? They don't detract from this being a fun round-town runabout with some terrific practical touches.

News:The NEXUS 8-speed system delivers a high level of design, quality and function. Many technical advances have been achieved, like incorporating SHIMANO's.

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