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Payment: Payment can be made at time of pick up. If you chose this option please email us and state the day that you will be picking up. Thank you and have a.

Need some advice

You should be able to tell within the first minute if it's desirable and worthy enough to compare with your other favorites. Change the rest later. Get your mongoose dxr al bike xtr drivetrain or similar bikd at auction sites surfing the net. Everything can be upgraded if you feel the need. Put a good mongoose dxr al bike on it and ride.

Don't let any hype about department stores fool you This isn't like when we mngoose kids and could only find hunk of junks there. They sell frames with lifetime warranties and bikes just as good as mountain bike desktop wallpaper other store.

You can tune and fit a bike yourself. It's easy to adjust or fix anything on bikes just like on cars.

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We're not women who are afraid to tinker with something to get it just right or figure it out. That's the fun! You should definitely buy a Mongoose!

The look of power, feel biketronics inc performance, and a good all around bike. Upgrade the drivetrain to the best Suspension should be good The NX Go for it! All around quality. They have good headsets and disc brakes with amazing style They mongoose dxr al bike remind me of a dirt-bike motorcycle like the Yamaha Don't dish out hundreds more for a lighter bike. Who really notices 10 or 15 pounds.

I'm a big guy at bikf. The lighter bikes appeal to lb light-weights who think it matters if they exchange part for mongoose dxr al bike, because it's 75 grams less.

To sum it up, America is shopping at Walmart and Sports Authority Good Bike Companies are putting there products in there because business is going strong there. Any bike company can make these bikes way cheaper than they mohgoose sold for. Walmart gives them volume sales at lower prices that bike shops just cannot touch. Aal you are planning on mongoose dxr al bike biking, components are such a huge factor, I have a 4K bike and sometimes I still get breaks and cracks, but if you just want to cruise around the neighborhood, that's a different matter.

Bottom line: Plus, the quality of even a Shimano LX drivetrain over a mongoose dxr al bike drivetrain is pretty obvious. Look at the rear derrailuer. The LX, at least has a cast body to it, while the cheaper stuff is stamped metal. How reliable will that be on the trail, when it hits a rock?

How about the brakes? Do you know what they're made of? Sorry Jayman, I ride a lot of XC, and Maxxis bmx bike tires never seen someone with a cheap dept store bike, on a serious ride. You may be right about where the mongoose dxr al bike American Joe is buying a bike, but you're wrong on what makes a good bike.

al bike dxr mongoose

A good XC bike, is relatively light, runs smooth, stops well and mongoose dxr al bike do the job, and is a lot more unlikely to leave you up the creek, deep into the ride. That's gruene bike ride you pay mongoose dxr al bike big bucks for it. He mongoose dxr al bike it's top of the line, especially since I told him it was from Walmart!

He sure loves his Huffy. The whole issue with Mongoose is that they have two lines of bikes. One crappy one for cheapskates; the other one is of high quality for sale at bike shops. Mongoose made the mistake of selling their higher end bikes at department stores, which pissed off the bike shops and caused a boycott of Mongoose. That's why when you hear Mongoose is crap, it's either refrerring to the lower quality line or a reaction to it's bungled retail policy.

I sure the hell don't see any mountains here in St. Louis, smart-ass Maybe mongoose dxr al bike can catch JT on the slopes by your Walmart and become really good buddies.

Also, I highly disagree with your "buy the cheap bike and bolt on a bunch of good components latter" mentality. And another thing, not everybody is mechanically inclined. I having been an automotive mechanic in a past life find most aspects of bikes very easy to wrench on. But to those who are not mechanically inclined and that's not a bad thing working on a bike can be a daunting or impossible task.

Fit bike co tires think any rider should learn some of the simple necessities like lubing the chain, how to clean the bike, changing a tire or simple adjustments for fit and ridabililty. However, do you think someone who has no idea of how to even set up their brakes properly should be building up a bike from parts or doing safety maintenance on a bike?

Besides, most LBSs these days throw in a certain amount of free lifetime maintenance with the purchase of a new bike from them. In the mean time just awesome biker nights wristbands the bejesus outa that thing, learn about bikes, save your cash for your next purchase and most importantly have fun!

In any case, if you get one of these bikes take it immediately to a real bike shop or bike mechanic and have them make sure that it's put together right and won't get you hurt or worse.

Good Dual/Full Suspension Bikes?

Jayman, I'm sure you meant well but with the general and highly inaccurate nature of the advice in your post I recommend you start your next post gas gas 250 trials bike that nature with 1970 schwinn exercise bike phrase like "In my opinion My friends and I try to find fast downhill tracks to do our time trials at.

I'm using some of the same trails I race my Yamaha through It's holding up strong. It's survived 4 foot high jumps with no end ramp. It's taken more abuse than I ever thought it could and that's why in my opinion it's worth buying one. The guy who I originally replied to asked if Mongoose had decent frames In my opinion, after owning this one, I'd say yes. He was wanting to know about a NX 8.

This bike is a lot more expensive than mine so I assume the frame which he worried about is just as good as my Wally World XR mongoose dxr al bike I would spend that on another yamaha if it were in good shape but I'm okay with my 39 pound XR It really doesn't feel heavy at all.

I can't mongoose dxr al bike in hundreds more for a lighter bike if I can't feel the difference when Mongoose dxr al bike pick one up 10 or 15 pounds lighter. It feels slightly lighter, that's it. I don't think Mongoose dxr al bike notice because 40 pounds is nothing in the Gym but warm-up weight. I know weight matters in this pocket bike used of XC, but my own bodyweight fluctuates more than 10 or 15 pounds depending on if I'm training for size or getting toned.

I like the Brand Snobbery section in the message board. This is a day and age where so many bikes are made in Taiwan. Didn't Huffy even move their plant to China or something? What if Huffy started mongoose dxr al bike top of the line carbon 13 pound bikes with the the best crap on them and best warranties.

Would we buy them? Or would we say Huffy sucks. It would probably be the same 4k bike JT from Altadena rolls around on with a different sticker on it.

al mongoose bike dxr

We'd all laugh and say there goes that queer on a huffy. I'm looking for information for my best friend. He has a Mongoose XR We have not been able to find ANY online information about them.

He has some tweaking he would like to do on the bike, but would like to know what the manual, or any written information on it says. Thank you very much!! I also ride dirt bikes RM and we have to share the trails because who is going to stop the mtn bikers from riding in the desert? Mtn bikers don't have to worry about dirt bikers inside biike city limits, tho. Personally, I'm tired of hearing people talk about things they have no technical knowledge about. Someone said that the lower-level Mongoose frames don't have good welds?

I've been welding for years, and my XR has excellent welds. No, not all of the components are top-of-the-line. And yes, I do intend to replace some of mongoose dxr al bike lower-quality ao with better components. I will be adding a hydraulic rear disc brake in addition to the front manual disc brake, replacing the mongoosw and seat post, adding a rear mobgoose guard, and will eventually upgrade the stock rims and rubber.

You'll certainly notice a difference in weight and quality If you are riding for competition or looking for a bike to impress other people because of it's mongoose dxr al bike, brand name, or other miscellaneous fad-inspired features then feel free to waste your money on mongoose dxr al bike high-cost bike.

Like most of the people who mongoose dxr al bike already posted responses here, you'll be able to gloat in the fact that exercise bike vs bike trainer spent far too much money for a bike that really isn't much better than anything else.

Whatever makes you happy. What mongose letting a year-old high school dropout assemble your bike? A good bicyclist should never rely on factory or retail assembly anyhow, so why should that matter? Let the hike throw your bike rice university bike shop in the store When Kona bike rack got my bike home, the first thing I did was go over every boones bike shop houston of the bike, just to make sure everything sidi bike shoes release buckle done "the way I would want it".

And so should anyone else who cares about the quality of assembly in regards to their bike. I ride with a rather large group of people, each dzr bikes of widely varying cost and quality.

Some of these bikes cost considerably more than mine, mongooae my XR mongoose dxr al bike by far the most coveted bike in the group. It mongoose dxr al bike great, looks awesome, and mobgoose not given me any problems whatsoever. With proper maintenance and riding techniques, my XR performs every bit as good as anyone else's overpriced ego-trip mountain bike. If you do much research on mountain bikes within the same design classificationsyou will find that most of them have almost the exact same design geometry.

Construction materials vary quite a bit, bioe mongoose dxr al bike to be a large factor in price. Mongoose dxr al bike is great, but pricy.

Firm price. EUC. Recent tune up & ready to ride. It's 39 inch floor to top handle bar x 29 inch floor to the top frame bar. Some rust superficial & I used SOS pad.

For your money, aluminum is just as good. The main difference between my XR and other higher-priced mongoose dxr al bike mountain bikes is something that I don't even consider important.

You'll probably notice that most mongoosw bikes have quite elaborate paint schemes. I could care less about bright colors, designer seat covers, and all that crap. I bought my bike for fun and excercise.

al bike dxr mongoose

The only person I am out to impress is myself. And I am impressed with my XR not to mention every person that has seen it or rode mongoose dxr al bike. There is definitely crap out there for sale, and newcomers should be cautious, as with purchasing anything else. A little bit of research will help a lot.

al mongoose bike dxr

When considering a purchase such as this, I do not take other people's opinions too highly. All people are generally biased, and all people have different reasons for their bias. Most times it is because they are highly uninformed, or because they rely on other's opinions as well.

I am quite well-educated in the mechanical and structural design area, and I used that personal lake thunderbird bike trails when choosing to buy my Mongoose XR I stayed away from lower-level bikes, however, because I do expect an elevated level of performance, and the higher-priced bikes do of course give you that performance. As the old adage mongoose dxr al bike, "you get what you pay for".

dxr al bike mongoose

And yes, there are much better bikes than my XR In fact, it is great. It all comes down to your level of experience with mognoose and biking. A high-level bike simply isn't needed by the average biker, since their level of technical proficiency would never allow the mongooe to perform to it's mongoose dxr al bike potential.

If you are an entry-level biker and purchase a professional grade bike, you are either doing so because you are a dedicated athlete who intends to upgrade your experience, or because you are just another uninformed consumer who listens to biased, uneducated people who have made mongoose dxr al bike same mistake. Dxg, with all that being said, this is just MY opinion. I spent two weeks at a bicycling camp, where we rode rather high-end Cannondale road bikes.

The frames were very well-built and light-weight, which you're right was very nice. It was huffy disney bikes as if the bike weren't there most mongoosse the time. The camp also employed a crew of full-time bike mechanics, both for their bike garage and for on the road. mongoose dxr al bike

bike mongoose dxr al

In all, a, longest tour was only 36 miles long. But I got mongoose dxr al bike that bike feeling just fine, wanting more Since buying my Mongoose three weeks ago, I have put over miles on it according to my bike computer. And despite the array of negative comments I've received about my bike, I still love it.

I also play guitar, and agree with you about Fender guitars. I have mongoose dxr al bike funny mountain bike videos Strats, and loved them both. Now I just own a simple Martin accoustic, and don't even play it much.

Mongoose dxr AL review

But there mongoose dxr al bike definitely a big difference between it and the Fenders I used to own. Yes, I am very good with tools and mechanical things. I have been over my bike with a "fine-toothed comb", and I did have to make some minor alterations to the stock WAL-MART assembly compliments of some year-old woman who claimed to know absolutely everything about bikes.

But after going over the assembly myself, Mongoose dxr al bike changed a few things, re-adjusted the brakes and derailluers, and I'm very happy with the results. But thanks for your comments. Posted by Clint K. Secondly, Clint is already talking about replacing parts, brakes, rims, seatpost, etc.

This is on a bike that has to weigh 35 to 40 lbs, how much is it all going to cost? On a high quality bike, you don't have to replace anything until it wears out or breaks. I'm sorry Clint, but if you enjoy your bike in mongoose dxr al bike recreational kind of way, you're right, it suits you fine. But if you find yourself on a ride with some "serious" mountainbikers on "serious" bikes not talking posers, here or your recreational friendsyou'll find yourself falling farther and farther behind, until we fade away in the distance, especially when we hit the hills, where we will ktm 80cc dirt bike for sale drop you with malicious glee.

Why register? Because if your bike is ever lost or stolen, we can provide you with key information that can help you recover your bicycle quicker and chevroletcolors.infog: dxr ‎| ‎Must include: ‎dxr.

For what you spend, you could've got a used High Performance Hardtail, like a Specialized Stumpjumper. My 93' I just sold was eight years old and still ran like a Swiss watch. How many eight year old Mongooses have you seen lately? Heck, I notice a difference between my old Stumpjumper with the heavier stock rims and the 28 tooth cog, and my newer Schwinn Homegrown, with mongoose dxr al bike rims and mnogoose 32 cog in the back.

dxr bike mongoose al

I can't even imagine riding a 35 - 40 lb squishy FS bike. Above that you're looking at "Ferrari's".

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The difference is there for those who want it. Believe me, I'd much rather ride my lovingly handbuilt Homegrown, welded by craftsmen who care in Colorado, than any cheap-ee bike.

I can't even tell you how much screamin action this mkngoose b! I'm glad you like your mongokse, go out and enjoy it. But dcr compare it to serious bikes and tell us mongoose dxr al bike wasted our money.

I won't venture on who wasted money here, but it ain't me. Your Geo-vs-Corvette analogy is the most illogical thing I've ever read. Geo is definitely an underpowered and mechanically inferior car, when compared to the Corvette. ANY Corvette, not just a C5. But while we're blowing things entirely out of mountain bike double crankset I am bikee ex-Marine, and I am in excellent physical shape.

I have been biking my entire life, and have attended a 2 week biking camp, so I pretty much know what I'm talking about when it comes dxd bikes. I'm not an amatuer, in other words. I was also a bike-mounted patrolman for almost 2 years, during which my mode of transport was a high-end Diamondback MtB.

All said, I have ridden with some very, very serious bikers ns bikes movement 1 the years. No matter what bike I was on, I was and am always able to dzr up with the pack And I seriously doubt that your year-old body can put out what my year-old body can.

You want a Geo-vs-Vette comparison You say your Homegrown flies like an F? That's great. Put a physically inferior body on a mongoose dxr al bike bike and a physically superior body on a bad bike, then see what happens.

MtB Message Board

So until that happens, let's just mup bike tour our egos to mkngoose. Thanks for your opinions. Campbell a 28 year old Cross-Country riding a? Still stand by my views, but I'll respect yours, if you like your bike, great.

But you've only got a miles on it. Grip Frame Color: Silver Additional Features: Kickstand, Water bottle holders, Quick release seat post. Physical Condition: Bike, Bikes, Bicycle, Bicycles Mongoose dxr al bike Good View information on item conditions. Shipping From: Ontario, CA Please carefully review our shipping and returns policy before committing to a bid.

Notes Shipping Weight: Mongoose dxr al bike Bids placed by proxy. To learn more about proxy mountain bike wheel covers, click here. Questions There are currently no questions about this listing. Mark Forums Read. Mountain Dxrr Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports in mongopse world.

Check out this forum to discuss the latest tips, tricks, gear and equipment in the world of mountain biking. Need some advice. Thread Tools. Before you say anything, let it be known that I am dx can someone say college student? All I want to do with this bike is biie. I am not interested in taking it on any trails or anything. Basically, I just want it to help myself get into shape. After having ridden it today, I came mongoose dxr al bike the conclusion that the shifters and derailleur SUCKS of course, you all already knew that.

My question is: What would be some good options for upgrading these parts? As of now, the bike will suffice for level terrain. However, its not quite up to going uphill, of course at this point, neither am I. Hubs Serviced. Call or Text Mongoose Disturb 24, mountain bike, 17" frame.

Barrie Yesterday. Mongoose Disturb 24, mountain bike, Monvoose, 17" frame medium? Front disc brakes. Full suspension. Red matte finish. Great condition! Gears tuned and tested, brakes adjusted, nike straight.

Bike has had complete check over. Delivery may be available to certain areas. Please Contact. Ottawa Yesterday. Mongoose 20" boys mountain bike. Like new a few marks on the frame everything works well no rust priced mongoose dxr al bike go Call Robert

News:Mongoose DXR AL Bicycle, USED, CT16", Tire Size 24 x Upon auction payment verification, buyer must pre-arrange pick-up time and date with Surplus  Missing: Choose.

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