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25 Best Things to Do in Mesquite (Texas)

Which reminds us, there are games along the way where you can win extra prizes.

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The big one is at the top of the turnaround hill. You must be logged in to post a comment. Ride Southern Utah Shop News. Mesquite Madness.

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January 31, Lukas 55 comments. On the positive side, the ride was very well supported and the police did an excellent job at traffic control. Food at the end was the some of the best I have had provided at an organized ride I like Panera. Would have loved those last 20 miles. June 8, The ride was excellent.

Good weather. Good roads. Good cops. The breakfast and the lunch were a very I too was disappointed in the fact that I wound up only doing 43 miles because I missed the turn for the 66 mile and I am very good about looking for turns.

Several people I talked to after the mesquite bike ride missed it as well. Most of the rallies I do have a live body at the very important route intersections Other than that, an excellent ride. Great rest stops and volunteers. June 9, See All. Early in after building a home in Mesquite and looking for something to do besides just golf.

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Rob rides every time he gets a chance to go out and have fun in the desert. If something comes up that mesquite bike ride need to call him, try Thanks for the good wicking t-shirts. It been 3 years since my life fitness c7i exercise bike participation novara 6061 aluminum bike the Mesquite Rodeo ride and notice some changes.

Rode the 42 mile route. The distance to the first rest stop 15 miles was longer than the norm miles. This rest stop was well mesquite bike ride. The next 2 rest stops were either out of or low in supplies of water, Gatorade and mesquite bike ride. At rest stop 2 supplies were low that the volunteers had to ration them. Not a good thing to do.

ride mesquite bike

This was The 18th Mesquite Rodeo Bike ride, and one would think by now the logistics of how much supplies should be needed. The weather might have played a part since it has not been real hot outside lately. The volunteers were friendly and helpful. Plenty of traffic control, thanks. The route good markings and most of the road hazards were marked. Did notice some of the drivers stuck in traffic looked frustrated while we mesquiite by.

Maybe look at areas that might of have less traffic. Even though at the finish, the sponsors were low or out of food, lot of riders were upset. Come on folks this is a benefit fide for a good cause. The food they is a benefit but is expensive mesqite provide. All in all this year the mesquite bike ride was mesquite bike ride.

For next year have ample supply of fluids and ice. Thanks to all the local law enforcement that did a great job directing traffic and providing a safe route on some of the busier roads. Mesquite bike ride, thanks to the Boy Scouts working at rest stop 3. Everyone was smiling and eager to help. Could have used some salty snacks by the end. Heat was worse than expected. Unfortunate that the staging exercise bike groupon to take place at West Recumbent bike results H.

I almost slipped and fell hard on the slick school floors in my cycling cleats…more than once. Oh well, reparable for next year. I really miss the serene Nature Preserve portion of how much are motocross bikes route Mesquite bike ride The portion up by the lake in Sachse is tedious and not scenic anyway.

The preserve portion was always my mesquite bike ride part of the ride and now it's gone.

bike ride mesquite

The rest of the ride is so "in town" and busy that it made for a wonderful mile respite. Perhaps the milers get to do it, not sure…but I know mesquite bike ride cyclists have commented mesquitte its absence. Addtionally, as has already been noted, the shade tents and hydration need to be top notch when it's so very hot like this mesquite bike ride. Atami bike shade and seating would've been nice. When something works as well as this ride used to, be very careful about making changes lest you mesquite bike ride a good thing.

Nice ride, good roads and weather was reasonable. However, when I got to the finish line, I had only ridden 40 miles. I was riding the K. Well heck! When I got home, I compared the ride from my Garmin with the ride map and found the missed turn.

bike ride mesquite

I then reviewed my ride video to actually see mesquite bike ride mistake. However, when I got to the Belt Line Road turn, the sign and traffic control, was directing all riders rire turn right.

I was at the intersection around 10 AM. Oh, well. Rotary Rally K Route — Lots of good things about this ride but a big problem. There were several courses which intersect which while not normally a problem except this rally only used 1 color of road paint and the same type of sign for all routes.

Bile you miss your course turn you buke easily end up on another route or overlap mint green beach cruiser bike own. I did this on the k when I saw conflicting information around mile 54 and the policeman at the intersection mesquite bike ride me to a second k loop! Mesquite bike ride my bad mesquite bike ride not having the route memorized but when I loaded my ride to Strava my segment matched up with other people who had the same issue.

bike ride mesquite

Even though this ride has been going on for 17 yrs, this is the first time I've done it and I've been missing out! Great ride.

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We did the 40 and out of all the rides I've done around the Metroplex, this one had the smoothest roads. The roads considered "rough" would be standard fare mesquite bike ride any other ride. All of the intersections moca bike controlled.

bike ride mesquite

No complaints with the rest stops or the after ride food. Rotary did a fantastic job!! I'd love to do this ride again. Love the T too. Great ride, as usual -- the support from volunteers and police mesquite bike ride are always super, and this year was no exception.

The return to prior routing through Sunnyvale for the longer rides was also welcome -- really scenic, lightly traveled roads with no chip-seal yippee! Of course, that did make the dreaded Lawson hills come during the second half of my 65km route, but by then the headwind was up to about 18mph, so at least there was a nice breeze to mesquite bike ride me cool while climbing. Mesquite is one of my can't-miss rides -- maybe it is the great staff, the good roads, the variety of food afterwards in an air-conditioned sit-down venue, or maybe it is the Blue Bell ice cream.

Whatever it is, I'm sure you will see me there next year! Mesquite bike ride learn4good dirt bike games the 40 mile route on Saturday. This was my fourth year to do this ride but my first time through Sunnyvale. The roads were wonderful and some were even fresehly paved and fast. My only complaint is that the wings were gone by the time I finished.

So much for this being a tour and not a race. That being said, I will be back next year. This mesquite bike ride schwinn sidewinder bikes a wonderful ride. Great mesquite bike ride 40 mile route 65K as opposed to former 75K.

Just enough, as 75K gets a little rough when we have our usual near degree heat. T-shirts with Cool-Max type mongoose raid bmx bike is a keeper! Got my share of wings, but heard they ran out mesquite bike ride.

bike ride mesquite

Thanks to all enthusiastic volunteers and numerous law enforcement officers who have taken good care of us all these years on this rally and continue to do so. This is a "must-do" event for me every year This was my first time to ride the Mesquite ride and we did 40 miles. I can't say enough great things about this ride. It was well supported mesquite bike ride I saw a sag vehicle go by mesquite bike ride bike computer with temperature every 20 minutes.

The rest stops were well stocked and the volunteers were so friendly and helpful.

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I particularly appreciated the large maps at each site showing the journey ahead and where the next stop was going to be. Very helpful and most rides don't do this. The roads mesquite bike ride the 40 were wonderful — great shape little or no mesquite bike ride seal and all intersections were supported by police bioe crossing was safe and easy. The meal afterwards was good, and the long tables gave the chance to socialize with other riders. I mesquite bike ride to say this is now my favorite ride and I will be back next year.

Thank you to all that worked so hard to put this on. Mesquite Rodeo Bicycle Committee, I have to say how disappointed I am to see you moved the date up for your rally. After many years of attending it faithfully, I will have to choose the one closer to home being Burleson Honey Tour. With the cost of gas etc these days I believe people are looking this.

I so wished you'd have chosen June 16th where there is no rallies posted. I wish you another successful rally this year but please consider santa cruz dirt jump bikes for next year as mesquite bike ride what rallies your putting yourself up against.

Thank you for your consideration with this matter. Great ride: Smooth roads, friendly and well-stocked rest stops. Some tough hills though. Still a little windy, but not as bad as Wildflower! It has everything right! Excellent course, with a lot of fresh, smooth blacktop. Tasty mesquite bike ride for lunch, although we had to wait for more wings mesquite bike ride worth the wait Always happy to attend! What's mesquite bike ride the bag?

At least the question was asked on the survey shirt or bag next year? Unless there was some mondo event going on June 2 at the location that kicked us back a week, it was NOT a good idea to change dates.

Also, the military personnel who guides the parking was missing; a lot of close-in spaces were empty. Mixed feelings about 8: This has always been a "don't miss" ride for me As usual, the the Mesquite Rotary Ride was a great success. Even though it was windy, the weather was good and the roads fast.

The route was well marked, intersections controlled by police, well stocked rest stops, and great food at the end. A couple of reviews questioned the move from the 1st Saturday in June. Do what I did, ask them why. As it happens there is an event scheduled for the rodeo event center that prevented them from using it that weekend. I was also told that the next two years are already scheduled for the 1st Satuday in June.

As for the mesquite bike ride, I think it was a nice change from a t-shirt. Rode the k, was pre-registered, so no check in, the traffic control going in was excellent, plenty of room, started 10 minutes early which was a good thing with the heat today, all rest stops and the traffic control could not have been better, very visible dual led bike light signage, mesquite bike ride sprayed painted roads was also excellent, many of mesquite bike ride rough spots on the road were marked with one exception, the area after the turnoff near rail road, there was a inches lip in the road which caused several spills, some not as serious, well that's if you were not the kids bike plates that fell and one very hard fall, he stayed downplenty stopped to look out for him, but it looked bad, heard from several other riders that it was on the map, did not see it myself and did not see any visible orange marking, not mesquite bike ride what the breakdown was there,Other the that problem overall an outstanding ride.

The Mesquite Rodeo Mesquite bike ride is a fantastic ride, one the last chances to ride before the heat turns up.

It is very fast. The traffic control was well organized, all rest-stops well stocked, adequate mesquitf, directional indicators well placed, hazards marked, great after ride food and cool down.

Shimano folding bike instructions think more people participate in the after mesqukte event at Mesquite than any other.

The chip seal has soothed out mesquite bike ride mesquihe year of traffic making performance bike cargo case roads easy riding. The road resurfacing with unmarked grade changes between miles 5 and 7 was very dangerous.

It looked like 4 separate accidents with about 30 biks down. Again, they need to identify toilet locations with a board at the registration area since the event wraps the building. I had medquite great ride, my fastest time mesquite bike ride, Mostly fast smooth road with potholes painted orange.

I would estimate about 3 miles huffy thomas the train bike rough chip-seal. I only remember four rise well sorta mesquite bike ride hills on the entire ride of 62 miles. Every intersection was covered by someone. Great ride! As a citizen of Mesquite, and veteran of this ride, I'm proud of the excellent job monster dirt bike stickers Mesquite Rotary Club does every year with this ride.

And, what a great day for a ride. After the endless days of wind, mesqhite was nice to have a calm day to ride, and mesquite bike ride was a fast course.

bike ride mesquite

As stated bikd Mile 5 stretch of pavement that was ground was unmarked See you next year!! It was easy to find and the volunteers from the Texas National Guard kept the vehicular traffice moving efficiently into the large overflow parking bkke. The staging area for the registration and rider seating was large and organized to mesquite bike ride the riders and support team.

The start went off slightly ahead of mesquite bike ride and everything was rolling along smoothly until we hit numerous sections of dangerous road surface with cracks, offset pavement, and bomb craters Most all of the road hazards were marked but there were a few that were unmarked - Ibke suggest marshalls who can warn the riders and slow down mesqute pace bkie some of the more dangerous sections where Seal Team Six has been practicing their mortor aiming skills Road Marshallssignage, and road cones were the best of any ride; having your own private lane with traffic cones is a nice treat on a hot summer morning!

I scorpion mountain bike stand across one rest stop for a quick refill of one water bottle and it was all top notch.

The dangerous roads are bad enough to cripple or kill, please make this ride safe for mesquite bike ride Excellent from start mesquite bike ride finish!

I will definitely do it again. Great start location with tons of easy parking. Tons of indoor bathrooms with toilet paper and no wait. Great ride and roads with nice rest stops, volunteers, and directional signage.

ride mesquite bike

Mesquite bike ride, coke, and Blue bell ice cream at mesquitw indoor finish area with plenty of seating. We all had a great time! Just have to say that I do about a dozen events like this every year, and I can't remember a better organized or supported ride than this Mesquite Rodeo Ride.

The support really was incredible - across the board. Kudos bjke all involved, and especially irde the police and volunteers who made the route safe with great signage, marked pot holes and cracks, and excellent police support at the intersections.

It's no surprise that more people participated gike year than ever. When you do something this well, word gets around. Thanks for mesqyite fun event and a fast route! Anyone who hasn't put this rally on their calendar needs to do so.

The facilities are more than adequate to handle the riders and support people. The Rodeo toilet facilities were below par being very under capacity, I am not sure how they meet code for a facility of this size. At the start we could not hear the announcements so we just followed the lead. The bike week leathers were more mesqiute accommodating, traffic control and SAG at bike computer for turbo trainer turn.

It is a fast course my average speed was higher than my normal with some magnesium bike wheels spots, save some energy for the last 20 miles of combined heat and incline.

Stop 2 had a long wait for drinks, and stop 3 we had to wait mesquite bike ride a restock of water and ice. The finish with food and refreshments was great. This mesquite bike ride was fantastic! Mesquite bike ride wife and I, along with another couple, did this ride for the first time 75K and we were all very impressed.

June 1, – 23rd Rodeo Road Rally, Produced by the Mesquite Rotary Club and Cyclists will have the choice of 24, 40, or mile courses. The bike drawing will take place at noon on Ride day at the Rodeo Center Exhibit 27 - Jul

The event was very well organized with smooth parking, quick registration, good roads both quality of roads and lack of traffic mesquite bike ride, excellent support and route markings. The rest stops were well-stocked and the Whataburger at the mesquite bike ride of the ride really hit the spot. No gripes here. Thanks for a great event!

bike ride mesquite

I did the 33k and did not feel the roads were well marked. The police officers were great and I really appreciate what they did in stopping mesquite bike ride and motivating us along. The first rest area was ok although being on the side of I20 was a little disconcerting. The food at the end of the ride was mesqukte disappointment especially norco storm bike riding the Cedar Hills Rally.

Well organized except for: No formal staggered start wow, what was up with that? Well marked for turns, bumps and potholes, lots of police presence, lots of marked off lanes with cones, lots of volunteers and mesquite bike ride stocked rest stops. Ridee the shaded spots with chairs, that was a very nice touch for a 55 year old guy returning to cycling. Mesquite Rodeo Ride of - 2nd rest stop really need more water servers - there was a min line just for water!!

Otherwise, a very mezquite ride, good routes. How do you make a msquite ride even better? Ask mesquite bike ride dedicated people of the Mesquite bike ride Rodeo Ride who make it happen, year after year rans bike dealers year!

bike ride mesquite

Parking was plentiful and easy to find at the Rodeo complex. Registration was courteous and took less than 30 seconds. The ride kicked off smoothly and before we knew it we were toodling along at 23 mph. The course was a bit rough in spots but had great signage, had all rough spots marked, mesquite bike ride the marshalling of the intersections mesquite bike ride the best of any ride I've rixe - period.

We enjoyed the post-ride eats in the convention center and had a very enjoyable ride.

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I'm the mesquite bike ride coordinator for a cycling club and have done so many t-shirt rides that I lost count at and I strongly believe this is the premier t-shrt ride anywhere in Texas. It has consistently achieved high marks for years and it just keeps getting better despite the current economic condition.

A great job by all the volunteers on this ride.

2014 Mesquite Rotary Club Bike Ride

Organized pre-ride parking, easy to follow course markings, well-stocked and friendly rest stops, outstanding intersection control, and good indoor finish scante bike with food and treats. This is absolutely the best run ride in ridw Metroplex. Now, if we mesquite bike ride just figure out a way to make Mesquite and Seagoville a little more scenic Great job this year as always.

This is the best ride of the year, bar none. These folks have it down — from plenty of parking and t-shirts to the post ride meal and — my gosh! Who put all those cones out??!

There must have been 12 miles of protected lanes. Super job! Mesquite bike ride ibke critique is… why not twice or three times a year? ALL postings mesquite bike ride 8am start but at 7: I mesqite never seen anything so rediculous in mesquite bike ride other rally. Longer to shorter route staggered starts are much better. Parking- plenty of it and volunteers to help manage the flow; Registration- fast and efficient even with all the other people registering at the same time; Ride- well marked mesquite bike ride road hazards and there was traffic control at EVERY intersection at least on K route.

I never had to slow down. Post Ride- the air conditioning sure felt good; plenty of free food and ice cold drinks and tables to sit down and relax and cool off. Everything is well thought out ahead of time. It seems they have anticipated all that might be needed and then provided for it. If you can only ever attend one event of this kind……. To the organizers: This is probably the 5th time I've done this rally.

News:Mesquite is a town in Nevada with a population of 17, Fees that Niche receives for ads do not affect the terms you may be offered by the lender you choose. . If you are interested in riding four wheelers or dirt bikes, there are countless.

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