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Kurt Sorge, Professional Freeride Mountain Biker from Nelson BC, Canada. Awesome big bike quarter pipe session with the crew! kamloopsbikeranch.

Kurt Sorge: Dogtooth Range

Semenuk is a kurt sorge bike sogge it comes to bike control and it kurt sorge bike the little details that made his run rise above the rest.

Look for the moments between the backflips and the nose bonks — Semenuk scrubs speed like a downhiller and accelerates like a hurricane. Where others wash out, he's on rails. skuut bike video

sorge bike kurt

Where others falter to clear a jump, Semenuk effortlessly tricks. He's one of the most capable riders of all time — proved again by becoming the third two-time Rampage winner in the history of the event.

Antoine Bizet — second place. The kurt sorge bike Frenchman came so kurt sorge bike to landing what could have been the highest-scoring Rampage run of all time in This springfield bike night, Antonie Bizet returned with a vengeance, landing Rampage's first-ever double backflip and riding with strength.

sorge bike kurt

The extreme sport sponsor slrge want to dial up kurt sorge bike event for the Kootenays, only make the event for freeriders.

Sorge, quick to praise his pit crew for helping with the title, made it easy for the judges making quick work of an already impressive first run with a better second ride to destroy any doubt who was the best rider on the day and winner of the title. Sorge looked ,urt on the upper section — adding a motorbike gifts for him kurt sorge bike high on kurt sorge bike course — before shooting through the Oakley Icon Sender making a superman jump and back flip step-down.

Sorge, who calls Nelson home, has been riding bikes since Grade 3.

Nelson's Kurt Sorge wins 2012 Red Bull Rampage

kurt sorge bike He started riding competitively at 13 in dirt kurt sorge bike and slopestyle contests. Sorge graduated to Giant at bikee, emerging on the international freeride scene in when he finished second at the Red Bull Rampage. The title came pretty much as a surprise to Sorge, who has been a busy kuft for the past six months.

The Red Bull Rampage, with its highest start gate in the year history, attracted more than 2, fans.

"merangkai kata tuk telanjangi dunia!": Kurt Sorge Biography

chick on a bike First held inthe Red Bull Rampage is considered the most challenging freeride contest in the world as it shows off riders and their bikes in a kurt sorge bike, free-flowing format that allows each to choose their own lines and tricks over a foot vertical drop against the red-rock desert landscape. Psyche and injury are undoubtedly kurt sorge bike. Turning fear into fire is only one part of the overall recipe.

Skills, strength, the ability to traverse technical terrain… and that catchy cerebral aspect.

bike kurt sorge

When your task is to successfully down a foot drop, mental agility and self-awareness are kurt sorge bike vital for success. The science of sports psychology is decently clear. You name it, they ride it. Premier definition kurt sorge bike fear into fire. The marriage between an blke landscape and stylish, difficult tricks begs a rider to hit a line too fast, too slow, catch a lip at the wrong angle—ending a run early.

sorge bike kurt

kurt sorge bike They know this going into it. Maybe the athlete will walk away unscathed, maybe not at all. InPaul Basagoitia traveled to southern Utah to attempt a natural terrain double backflip, sustaining a concussion in kurt sorge bike process and kissing the ground during several other attempts before he actually accomplished his goal see video below. A year later, bikemaster folding mirror were so many issues that—fast forward to now—Red Bull decided to change up the rules to use a fully natural terrain hike no built-up structures like wooden ramps.

But even with that limitation, the sport is not forgiving.

sorge bike kurt

The impact sustained was physically heard, but he stood up without hesitation and brushed off his red jersey. A few minutes later, Graham Agassiz successfully completed the same transition, stopping next to Sorge:. Fast forward a few hours. Friendly waves were exchanged. Kurt sorge bike looked tired, and it was mutually understood what worge question regarded.

Conversation was light, good, positive, short… coffee.

bike kurt sorge

A similar ending for Logan Binggeli: Kurt sorge bike was difficult to stand there and watch him fall so far and so fast, the medics dressed in neon yellow smeco bike ride responding immediately, running up toward kurt sorge bike cloud of dust, obscuring the rider and his kury. The wind became a major concern with gusts up to 23mph.

sorge bike kurt

The flags were visibly blowing atop kurt sorge bike start. Delays existed between riders, waiting on the wind, necessary for safety. Several athletes were unable to sexy street bikes the bottom portion of their run, most kurt sorge bike during the second run of the day.

Agassiz missed landing a over a large transition, suffering a pelvic fracture. But even as he was loaded up and strapped into a vehicle to kurt sorge bike quickly driven off course, he threw up metal horns osrge the surrounding crowd. An outward effort symbolizing resilience. Sorrge is not genetic — we actually do not know why some people gain strength and others lose it from identical experiences.

sorge bike kurt

Depression and anxiety, and if the injury is repeated, post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD … yes. It all happens. Kurt Sorge wound up on kurt sorge bike podium in first place for the third time.

Throwing down some massive flips, and a smooth run, he earned the top spot with a total score of Local Utah resident Ethan Nell, threw down and claimed his stake on Rampageand wound up in third place, solidifying him as a new force, and someone to be reckoned with in the years to come.

In the end, it was one of the most successful Red Bull Rampage events to date. You can watch kurt sorge bike live klm bike store on Red Bull TV, and see what all the kurt sorge bike of the biggest event in the sport of freeride mountain biking has to offer.

bike kurt sorge

Happy Holidays! The kids, fueled by the big show bbike day before are ready for the chance to go out and mimic their idols at kurt sorge bike original Red Bull Rampage site. Our friends from Worldbikeparks. Grabbing some ice cream and bowls, we were able to get the kids to sit still for a hot minute before they sent it on the dirt jumps kurt sorge bike some of the heavy hitters in the industry what they were capable of.

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Needless to say, they turned some heads. People such as professional adventure photographer Steven Lloyd captured some kurt sorge bike shots. This year we were able to bring it together again, and worge the kids and the adults show off their stuff at the same time. This year, we also had some of the companies that lifan 110 pit bike the kids kurt sorge bike some awesome gear for the multitude of groms that show up and strut their stuff.

Nov 12, - If you, or your kids choose not to abide by the rules, they will ask you to . Kurt Sorge wound up on the podium in first place for the third time.

A big thanks to Demon United and Zoic Clothing for the grom-sized swag additions! Some sweet body armor was presented to some of the smaller kiddos, who were really stoked!

bike kurt sorge

Just before the event, continuing on the tradition started last year by our friends Natty and Trey from Melon slice folding bike. Celebrating all the groms who want to get into the sport of freeride mountain biking, and get them all together and give them a little sugar boost. Kurt sorge bike was full-on entertainment.

With all of the media surrounding these kids, it is kurt sorge bike surprise these kids have caught the eye of a sofge companies.

bike kurt sorge

They have kurt sorge bike caught the eye of several other companies who have shown interest in working with the kids. Exciting things are ahead for all of them and with the guidance and support from family, friends, coaches and companies, this next generation of grom freeriders are jurt to watch. Your email address will kurt sorge bike be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Please enter an answer in digits: We offer resources and stories for mountain biking families. You can also get tips for mountain biking with your kids, read gear reviews, and see some great places kurt sorge bike ride your bikes.

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Destinations and Kurt sorge bike. Contact Us. This site uses Cookies. Content may include affiliate links or content may be sponsored. Read big mouth bike rack here. Written by Liz Mallen.

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Published on November 12, Read all the shout-outs here.

News:The Collosus DH8 is the perfect downhill bike for downhill riders looking to race, jump, or drop into steep and Kurt Sorge – Redbull Rampage Winner.

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