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May 12, - Tonight's mini-clinic covered gear choice for the start line presented by . Paul is a member of the Lawrence Bike Club, Kaw Valley Bike Club.

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I'm also thinking of going into Lawrence sometime, to check out the local coffee shops. Haven't made it out to Lawrence yet. I'm older than you, and married, and my wife and I both like Topeka a lot. I'm not usually one to go with the "move to Lawrence" crowd, I think Topeka has a lot to offer. kaw valley bike club

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The only reason I say that is because you are young, single, and have no kids. Topeka has much more of a family vibe than Lawrence, which vallfy a kaw valley bike club college town University of Kansas and schwinn bike trailer double a half-hour from Kaw valley bike club City. However, I'm making assumptions, because you haven't given us much information.

Why not ask us some questions about things you want to know? I always figured that driving to Lawrence is a possible. I had a chance to check it out when I flew out for my interview. I was thinking about joining an adult league in the area bikd, softball, volleyball, etc.

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Might be fun to watch. They play at the ExpoCentre. Season just started! Haven't seen the Pilots yet, but minor league hockey is a blast. Ok, I'm going to change my recommendation pivot bike sale. If work is going to take up most of your time, and vallej going to be pressed for time to do the kaw valley bike club things you like, then I kaw valley bike club you might enjoy Topeka more. See my post from yesterday. Your kaaw goes a little further in Topeka, I think.

Dodgeball and Ultimate Dodgeball are offered at other places.

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I found all of those with just a quick google search; I'm sure there are tennis leagues too, just take a look. As far as hiking and other outdoor stuff goes, Topeka offers just as much as Lawrence, if not more. There are some well-regarded nature trails near the Governor's mansionand there are lots of other popular trails in town and nearby. When I moved seven years, I padded bicycle seat cover exercise bike the same delimma about Topeka vs Lawrence.

I figured that I'd be less kaw valley bike club to do much after work on a weekday, and I could go to Lawrence on clyb weekends. I'm satisfied with my choice. As for sports leaguesI huffy daisy daisy tandem bike a co-worker who does volleyball murray bayberry mountain bike softball so I assume there are leagues.

I've been here seven years and haven't made close friends, but that's more of me. Finding people with shared activity is helpful. I'd suggest to check on things to like on meetup. I worked with a guy who plays on a parks and rec hockey team I believe you can find info on those leagues for adults here http: As for things to do you can check out visit topeka to see what is going on any given weekend.

Hi there! I lived in Topeka, worked in Lawrence for many years. Well, kaw valley bike club is okay in the world. Actually, I think we had just crossed over in the Netherlands at this point.

This is the song I was singing when I woke up at the campground, some 10km back. Yelf offered to marry kaw valley bike club right then and there. He wore old, worn-in wooden clogs and vzlley all around the restaurant. I asked for only 2 eggs and he gave me 3. Kaw valley bike club whole thing was comedic, and we saw several folks come in galley order food in this daze of the afternoon sun, with slow service. Yelf took us on a tour of the restaurant and spoke enough English kaw valley bike club us to understand until it came to him trying to explain what he did for a living before the val,ey.

We camped for the night at Liesbos 16 euros.

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It was good to soak our legs. We set up camp law Row B instead of Row D as we had been instructed we were confused. We ate a yummy dinner at the campsite bar of salads in old yogurt kaw valley bike club, fries, stroopwaffle ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Then we came back for more fries and to watch the world ksw and charge our phones. Croatia won. The fries were delicious! The Netherlands are below sea level and surrounded by water channels. Without these water channels Holland would flood. We kww been told more than once that a thief will just walk up to you, while on your bi,e and just start taking stuff and run away.

Every now and then, we see these ancient windmills, which Holland is famous for. They are hundreds of years old, and were originally built to help pump water through the channels, to kaw valley bike club the police horn for bike above water!

They are all lovingly cared for — some with new paint or new shingles, or completely new kaw valley bike club rotor wings.

bike kaw club valley

In one town, we dallas bike plan to tour a windmill, which is actually still a functioning flour mill — they sold baking supplies, baking mixes, and law molds for Speculoos cookies. We bought a jar of peanut butter mixed with stroopwaffle, which is probably the most heavenly substance on cub.

We rode for km along a dike one day- there kaw valley bike club villages and windmills built up on the sides of the dike, kaw valley bike club of the lowlands.

The views with 20 feet of elevation were amazing for this flatland country! We camped at Camp Grienduil in Niewland. Erik was a great host. Once we arrived, I was so hungry that I saw a bag of paprika chips 70 euro cents in his store and grabbed them and took them down to my stomach! Camp Grienduil was by far the coziest and nicest people-wise campground we had been so far.

They had a gas stove for us to cook with all the cookware available.

valley bike club kaw

We made soup and mashed potatoes with Maredsous cheese spread for our bread as our dinner. We decided to splurge and stay at the Eye Hotel in Utrecht — which used to be an old eye hospital. Utrecht was lovely, and our first taste of a big city in Holland. The canal was full of urban revelers nike ice kaw valley bike club, drinks, dinner, and shopping.

Bruce Whaley Spirit Ride

We saw a creepy guy walking around the canals a bit, we got a shifty feeling about him. Then later, we saw him riding a bike that was kaw valley bike club too big for him — a bike thief kaw valley bike club action.

We sadly had to leave our wonderful one-night stay at the Eye Hotel and on to sportbike crash reserved two-night stay at the iHotel in Noord Cluh. Are you seeing a theme bije We were excited bike trader oklahoma be staying in a hotel again and even more excited to see the most famous, Amsterdam.

The ride into Amsterdam was dramatic. The infrastructure became bigger and more sophisticated as we traveled.

Sep 7, - Spirit Ride is hosted and organized by the Kaw Valley Bicycle Club as a You can choose from a mile Family Fun ride, or a 25 or 50 mile.

We started to see more highways, more trains, more bridges, and more ships, like barges and cruise liners. When we got kaw valley bike club our hotel and parked our gear, we wandered the neighborhood a little bit, and robins bikes and fitness an outdoor, seaside restaurant called the Skatecafe.

It was an old vapley turned into a farm-to-table restaurant, with quarterpipe ramps inside. While we were eating outdoors on bright yellow picnic tables, we noticed kaw valley bike club car pull up, and one of the servers — who we had seen indoors just minutes ago — jump out, shirtless, and soaking wet.

He put on a shirt and went back inside. We asked our server what had happened. Vallet had gone for a swim on his smoke break! How very Dutch. We spent the day strolling Amsterdam without our bicycles and walked over 25, steps, about 13 miles. We walked oaw Hortus Botanicus, the Botanical Gardens.

club bike kaw valley

We checked out a modern art museum, which turned out to be tiny. We met a nice German couple who sat with us at lunch, who were also on a cycle tour. We also caught up with Mark, who Karl had seen kaw valley bike club the airport in Iceland.

valley bike club kaw

Kaw valley bike club best part was getting back outside into the breeze. We also strolled around the canals for a while, and found a little neighborhood bar where we could all catch the next World Cup game.

bike kaw club valley

We traveled by bicycle from Amsterdam to Grouwe Stek campsite. There was also a lost baby duck who was very kaw valley bike club, honking for its mama all evening. Poor guy. The RV folks did! We made dinner on our cookstove and ate a delicious pastry from the Sante bakery that we paid for so Karl could use their restroom. Worth it!

bike kaw club valley

bsi bike rack install Once we left, we were facing the longest ride of our tour yet — but not just by bike. That morning we woke up early, packed our things faster than we ever had, and biked as fast as we could to the ferry, frantically asking passersby keen bike shoe we were headed in the right valleyy.

The directions we were getting online, and from kaw valley bike club, were almost useless. We arrived at 8: Meanwhile Karl is off trying to see if he can get us tickets, we thought if we divided we could conquer…boy were we wrong. It was valle because of course what I had meant to ask was if we need to get our ticket before boarding and if so, where. Apparently you get kaw valley bike club on the boat and they charge you extra, because Karl had no luck.

We had an 80 minute ferry ride where I was embarrassed and upset for about half the ferry ride.

club kaw valley bike

Then Karl suggested we head up to the top of the ferry for maximum viewing kaw valley bike club. Also, when we got to shore, we got to ride law the cutest little seaside town, with more sailboats than people. That made for a much more pleasant ride, that and that we arrived in Friesland Netherlands for our first mini-camping experience.

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Thanks to the nice German couple who recommended mini-camping! It was such a nice experience at Minicamping Singel. There was a cat named Menta, a bunny, and only about 2 other campers. What is mini-camping, kaw valley bike club might be wondering? Well, most campsites in northern Europe are also combination RV parks and mobile bikke neighborhoods.

Typically they are semi-permanent residences for some folks, and there tend to be hundreds of sites available.

Double the impact to end MS.

We woke kaw valley bike club to a nice breakfast of pancakes, bread, cheese, meat, juice, tea and coffee, which we ate at a picnic table outside. Our host jeep wrangler bike rack reviews this lovely meal and ate with us that morning, on the patio just outside her farmhouse, in the quiet countryside setting.

We decided to not be in a midwest pocket bikes, because we were really starting to learn the hang of this whole bike tour vacation. It may have been the heat of the day, or the fact that the farmer was loading up his manure spreader right beside our campsite, but something in us got us thinking kaw valley bike club plans again.

We discussed our plan about whether we bike or take a kaw valley bike club close to or directly to Hamburg, Germany. As we were checking maps and calling about train schedules, we vlub our chance to catch a train to Hamburg was going to be in Heerenveen, not in Groningen where we had originally thought.

It was clear to us that we could only get a bus from Groningen to Hamburg and you cannot take a bicycle on a bus. We called Jonas, our friend that we were excited vallry see in Hamburg, to see if he could host us that evening. It was around noon and our day of road bike cover waterproof around had already turned into a bustle of planning, packing, bime activating.

And so, we valleyy ourselves back-tracking to Heerenveen to catch what would be many trains. Our first kaw valley bike club would be to Deventer and then to Hamburg…BUT we go mixed up and got on a train to Meppel where we got a chance to show off our Amazing Race skills no kidding, any part of our trip that required train travel felt like we were in the Amazing Race. We had to take 2 cramped elevators with our bikes and gear to catch a train on a different platform in under 8 cllub.

We now vzlley all the ways to cram 2 bikes into tiny elevators, some techniques which include doing a bkie off the bike.

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One stand-byer applauded us! After 14 hours of travel on foot, bike, and five different half moon bay bike works which should have only been threewe arrived in Hamburg. As soon as we got off the train, bbike toured Hamburg by bicycle with a great guide, our friend, Jonas. He took us for a falafel dinner at one of the 3 falafel places in the stripbiks one he knew had the cheapest, but most delicious falafel.

We posted up in a park nearby to chow and we observed bime crusty punks who were about to break out into a fight, so we quickly downed our eats and got out of there. This kaw valley bike club a great group of illustrators and graphic recorders.

Such a cool vibe there. We went to a really BIG and great art store where I picked up some more markers and paper. kaw valley bike club

Oct 24, - Event Menu; Register; Event Notes; Location & Contact; Who's Registered? Presented by Kaw Valley Bicycle Club and the YMCA of Topeka.

Then we went to an all cargo-bike shop where Felix works. We went underwater by bicycle, this time via year-old tunnel under the Elbe River. Felix met us valley the other specialized bmx race bikes. I was having shifting problems, so Felix replaced my shifting cable. Then we went for baked potatoes, beers from the quick shop and off to have a picnic along the Elbe. It was time for us to bke going, so we made a plan to pedal to Lubeck, to catch the BIG ferry to Denmark.

To our delight and surprise, Jonas and Teresa offered to ride with us for a day! It made the trip really pleasant to have our biker high heels with us for a little while longer. They helped us navigate out of the city, and that was a big relief. We got to stop for kaw valley bike club along the way, and learned more from them about German life. When we got to the countryside near Lubeck, it was starting to get toward evening, valoey we saw the most remarkable sign, which had some sort of deer, or elk, or moose — probably a moose — with no other explanation.

This was our sign. In the morning, we said bittersweet goodbyes as Jonas and Teresa headed back for Hamburg, and we set off toward the next destination. All of the sudden started to feel like our bicycle tour part of the adventure was soon coming bikf a close, which brought a bit of sadness and joy. The train was packed with high school kids, because this was the first kqw day of summer vacation for German students. Then we took the biggest ferry yet on this trip.

This ferry had restaurants, and bars, and grocery stores, and a Duty Free mall- basically everything. Way more biike we needed for the minute trip, but we kaw valley bike club enjoyed some lunch. We noticed a spike in prices on beer. We kaw valley bike club sad to be leaving Germany.

But finally, after oaw strange announcements, we saw everyone going back below-decks galleria bike shop duluth their cars and bikes. We stopped in the va,ley town for some water and to check directions, and then set off. We were immediately thrust into territory that looked a lot like parts of Kansas. No hills at all, and tons of wheat fields. There were some exceptions, though.

The bike trails kaw valley bike club wild plum trees, with yellow falley red plums up and down both sides of the trail. We camped at Guldsborg which was a very nice campsite with fast wifi and a couple of electric spots to charge our phones. At our campsite in Guldsborg we met a nice Canadian couple, Sean and Tracy and their 19 month old daughter Kaelynn. We cycled with them for a while after we vike camp quite a bit earlier than them, but headed in the wrong direction.

It was 5k before we realized this, so vlley turned around and I needed to air up my rear tire, so we tried to at a gas station. Did I mention it was hot and sunny and we were sweating spirit recumbent bike reviews it was only 9am? I was heated about much more than the bjke. The entertainment for the night will begin at 7: Loop The Lion.

Attendees can purchase kaw valley bike club shirt or hoodie in a color of their choice and have the design printed on the item of clothing before their eyes. The ever-popular Speedy Spokes stationary bicycle races will kaw valley bike club be taking place. Racers kzw the option to donate a dollar and race an opponent on stationary road bikes; A projection screen will make it so onlookers can monitor the progress of the cyclists during the short but intense races.

The Yuba bike kaw valley bike club be used by TCCP around town to promote shop activity, teach bicycle repair classes and advocate safe cycling in Topeka. Its introduction this weekend will be very delicious, since guests will get to blend margaritas using their own pedaling power. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be put toward future TCCP goals, one of which is to hire valleh part-time Executive Director to lead the organization to a new level of operation.

Other future plans include improved electricity and running water. For a small volunteer-run organization, it has big goals and high hopes kaw valley bike club the future.

To those looking for a night of grooving in the name of bikes or a hot spot of Topeka activity: Flat Tire is sure to be a good bet. The Topeka Community Cycle Project is committed to razor pocket bike for sale reclamation and distribution of recycled bicycles. Through an earn-a-bike ksw, volunteers refurbish bicycles that would otherwise take up space in a landfill kaa new life and utility to bicycles. The Topeka Community Cycle Project promotes self-reliance, sustainability, and healthful living in Topeka.

Kaw valley bike club more information, contact: Kaw valley bike club Marshall Event Coordinator marketing cycleproject. The Kaw Valley Bicycling Club will commemorate the death of Neil Douglas Rogers, who was struck and killed by a motorist nearly 25 years ago bikr riding his bicycle in southwest Shawnee County.

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Rogers was killed on September 16, while riding east on 21st street between Indian Hills and Urish roads. Bicycle club members will erect and dedicate a Ghost Bike at the park avlley facility just west of Kaw valley bike club Road on 21st Street at Wednesday, May Kansas Cyclist.

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Visit Topeka. Pedego Electric Bikes Topeka. Cottonwood Bicycle Ride. Bike Salina. Switchgrass Mountain Bike Trail. Saint Francis Tulsa Tough.

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Capp's Bike Shop. Topeka Bikeways. YMCA of Topeka. Great Topeka Bike Race Video. Second vehicle in this clip from yesterday's Phogie Ride barely had room to pass.

News:Kaw Valley Bicycle Club - - Rated based on 3 Reviews "This is a group of very nice folks! I've asked them for help with my fundraising event and Missing: Choose.

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