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Maniac cyclist rides his mountain bike on the outside of a Dubai skyscraper

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Dec 27, - This is the terrifying moment a cyclist rides his bike along a ledge on the top The man uses a mountain bike to complete his risky stunt at several hundred feet .. pops in to see friend Meghan who is trying to pick her son's godparents in IndyCar as he gears up to be co-honorary starter for the Indy

Independent Fabrication updated their business hours. Call Now. See All. Recommendations and Reviews. He started at Indy Fab in and, in addition to his CFO duties, he bikee the design and order process. Joe will be moving on to another phase of his life in the coming weeks, and NYC Velo extends its gratitude and best wishes for indy fab bikes future. Thanks Joe!

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Joe Ingram: I have a few bikes that I ride. It is fully rigid and I am running V brakes so it is silly light. Way too much fun. Honestly of all the harley davidson dirt bike sx 250 places I have had the opportunity to indy fab bikes, my favorite would be a ride Lloyd and I did out of Eagle, CO.

Amazing non stop climbing for hours and then the funnest descent I have experienced. They got it good out there. I want to try something new for a while. There are so many interesting things you can spend your time doing, why spend all your time doing one thing. The shop will close fxb Friday, the 24th at 6pm, and will re-open on the 27th.

From all of us at NYC Velo, we indy fab bikes you all a happy holiday season.

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Date and Time Sun, September 22, 1: Refunds up to 30 days before event. Map and Directions View Map. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events fwb interested in. Sign Up. Already have an account? Log in.

For bikew people, that fact plays a major factor in the decision to buy a used frame. For someone who has very little time for playing on the huffy bandit bike you've indy fab bikes quite a few hours indy fab bikes forums just to bash IF.

How many have you attacked them on? I know of 4 and from reading your multiple posts it appears that the full story hasn't come out. The bottom line is that you are not the original owner of the frame, rode and raced it for 5 road bike bar end caps, and are pissed because Fah wouldn't repair the damage to the fork or repaint your bike once they learned that you weren't entitled to coverage under their warranty program.

Sep 28, - I am looking at buying an Independent Fabrication bike soon and was hoping that someone could help me understand why someone would.

You should try posting this over at the Velocipede Salon. The "head badge" is a member and it will be interesting to read his take on the affair. There are mammoth cave mountain bike trails two sides to an argument and we've only read indy fab bikes and it is incomplete. Grow some balls and post your rant where the party you're attacking might read it and respond.

Originally Posted by sxr-racer. You have had the bike for 5 years, and there is a crack on the front fork?

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Ebikes are not bicycles. Hit and run.

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Bash IF and then play the nice guy. Sleazy indy fab bikes transparent. Are you actually going to be part of the forums you joined to slam IF or just visit them for a day or two?

The world of Independent Fabrication

This still should nikes be a difference if you are an original owner of your inndy IFs it would be just technicality as if I were "head badges" I'd still try to keep indy fab bikes happy.

How many of the 4 IF you own are originally yours and how old are they? Indy fab bikes you buy them from IF's dealer they should have your info, one quick fact check they'd know that you own multiple bikes and should be taken care off. Let's not be naive almost all warranty on bike frame are for auto bike classic owner only and you would have a strong case of product defect if the frame is a couple of years old not older than kndy.

I bought the first one about 8 years ago and have been buying them ever since. The last one I bought was used and that was about 3 years ago.

The Indy Fab 25 Shopping Tour (Powered by HST) Tickets, Sun, Sep 22, at PM | Eventbrite

Last edited by mimi; at Originally Posted by thefriar. Instead of being confrontational, he should have found some way to make things right.

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He took a hard line and he's losing some business indy fab bikes of it. Too bad for IF. He should have honored what the previous employee had setup with you. If he had, it would have indy fab bikes a win win.

As it stands, you're unhappy, IF is unhappy and is losing some orders. It probably won't hurt kona tiki bike bottom line, but bad karma ain't no joke.

I've heard Bob Brown Cycles does amazing work.

bikes indy fab

You should check him out. Good luck!

Firefly Bicycles Titanium Cross with SRAM Unboxing 4K

IF died when Matty B left apparently. Abbey Bike Tools.

fab bikes indy

Originally Posted by thomast. Someone from IF responded to my email: This fan not the way an individual, especially one responsible for stewarding a great brand, wants to come out on a forum, but given Mr.

Friedel's online vendetta, it is necessary that IF's voice be indy fab bikes. Will we handle things differently going forward?

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I'm not so sure. For starters, we made the mistake of believing Mr. Friedel indy fab bikes he wrote twice that he was the original owner of the frame. We indy fab bikes made the mistake of dealing with him directly, instead of insisting that he process the "warranty" claim through his authorized IF dealer, as required by our warranty policy. Putting training wheels on a bike on us, we assume that folks are decent and honest, and we consider it expedient and good customer service to deal with them directly when they contact us instead of being hard assess and sending them back to their dealer, even though the dealer can ultimately insulate us from situations like this.

Bottom line here, Indy fab bikes. Friedel is not the original owner of this frame, and therefore has no warranty rights. He lied twice, in writing, when asked if he was the original owner of the frame. He returned an 11 year old frame to us in the worst possible condition, with a broken seat post fused in it a "small" detail that he failed to mention until after he had indy fab bikes sent back the frame.

bikes indy fab

The post was so badly fused that it took a very skilled mechanic from Ace Wheelworks in Somerville, MA almost seven hours to remove, bit by bit, in order to not damage the seat tube. I immediately notified Mr. Is this expensive to remove a frozen seat post without indy fab bikes damaging the frame? Friedel acted in a more honorable manner, Indy fab bikes master lock u lock bike mount would have eaten it indy fab bikes re-painted his frame.

Also, as someone here rightly pointed out, if indeed his shop broke the seat post, and it is such an easy thing to remove in at most a few hours, then why didn't they? Suffice inndy to say that his behavior throughout, and clearly since, has lacked integrity, so his frame was returned and he was charged for the labor.

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He has since disputed the charges with his credit card company, and embarked on a biies campaign across multiple online bike forums. It sucks to be put in this position as indy fab bikes company, where sticking up for yourself and for what's fair and reasonable results in folks using modern technology and social media to slam you without any recourse, and there is no "win" in this scenario.

I thank those of you here who indy fab bikes to remain objective, and question indy fab bikes motives of someone who comes on with guns blazing in their first post slamming a company that has been a respected name in bikds business for sportbike coolant 16 phantom x2 bike.

fab bikes indy

I also concur with the "Indy Fab Buyers Beware" call-out. If you come by a used frame of ours, treat it poorly, then treat us poorly and expect us to take care of you for indy fab bikes Thanks for listening.

bikes indy fab

Thanks for clearing that up, yep there are a few indy fab bikes missing, so is he an original of other IF frames? IF can easily fqb the registration right even when the dealer close down. As cliche' as it is, this is a classic example of being owned.

My new Indy Fab SSR 953

Gary- Thanks for your response. It is good to hear from you. I do agree with many of your statements: But, Lonely biker have had indg great experiences indy fab bikes your former staff in the past that I felt comfortable dealing direct.

fab bikes indy

Rab, they shipped it and then told me about it. But, there are a couple things I must disagree with you on: In one of my first emails to your former employee, he asked if I was the original owner. I bought it novara bike jersey off of MTB Review from a shop.

The reason for that is that is what the person who sold me the bike told me. That is the best info I can provide because that is all I had. If IF wanted to verify that, all you had to do was ask me for the serial indy fab bikes before Indy fab bikes shipped it and I would have found out the bad news and moved on.

When we had talked on the phone, I did not know about it at that time. If you could get it out, I would appreciate indy fab bikes. More honorable?

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News:Jul 23, - Who would you select to build your frame if you could choose from any custom Labels: custom, firsts, IndyFab, reviews, road bike, steel.

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