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Apr 3, - Fitting the right grips on your mountain bike is pretty important, its a crucial guide to mountain bike grips - how to choose the best ones for you.

Over to you: Bar ends — yay or nay?

Skip to main content. Bike Bar Ends Mountain. Handlebar ends mountain bike Stock. Solved my cold fingers handlebqr. I tried a half dozen glove combinations, both biking and mountaineering. They are dirt simple to install and work great. The only cold moments I have had are when the bike sits outside and the handlebars get cold.

ends mountain bike handlebar

Then the first few minutes of the ride I have cold fingers, handlebar ends mountain bike through no fault of the Bar Mitts. It's just that the cold handlebars suck the heat out of handlebar ends mountain bike hands initially until they warm up. They look ridiculous, but I don't care. They take some getting used to since you can't just grab the bars in a panic while riding with a Add to cart. Profile Designs Boxer Bar End.

List Price: You Save: Been years since I've been on a bike. Schwinn 7 speed cruiser bike riding for awhile I noticed wrist pain from being hunched over my mountain bike. Not wanting the old people, comfy road cruiser type bike, I needed to find a solution as the more I road the more the pain handlebar ends mountain bike, starting getting joltz of pain in my wrists.

So the solution you ask??? Well it's the boxer bar ends shown here. I do find it funny that after installing on my bike, the bike looks like a bull!! They should call these Bull bars The Elite Flow grips feature offset padding, a single clamp using the V2.

We have used these grips on a variety of trails from forest singletrack, trail centre loops, the odd race and even to laps at Bike Park Wales. Author block.

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Find great off-road deals. Buy now. Amazon bike seat cover launches Pure Cycling weekend in the Forest of Dean. Ride what ever feels good, currently running bars at mm, renthals with extensions stuck in the ends, Im 6'3", it feels about right, have tried, and would hang on to the outer edge of the grips. It may sound massive but bikes are made for average size people, if you are much taller, or heavier than the norm it can be a pain to get a setup that works, but easier now that bike bikes are bigger in general.

No need to take offence with what i had mentioned though. I wasnt saying modern bikes were crap i was just stating that i believe they are better on the rougher straight sections and not so good on corners. It will improve some things but also handlebar ends mountain bike some detrimental affect on other areas.

It cant be awesome at everything. Your bike may be advantageous on your trails but on the terrain enduro bikes were designed for they corner better than shorter steeper bikes. Go ride a lift access DH park, I guarantee the guys on DH bikes aren't going to have any problem keeping up with you in the corners. If you disagree, come to Sea Otter and watch what the pro dh riders use for slalom jeremy Exactly, slalom is a much slower speed than a DH race.

On high speed courses the longer enduro and DH bikes corner faster. If a corner is tight enough handlebar ends mountain bike the wheelbase to be a concern then you'll start to see an advantage to the shorter wheelbase. Outside of that, he's wrong that older style geo bikes handlebar ends mountain bike better. It would be interesting to know the ape index as well as the other information memory foam bike seat cover reviews. It might give some insight handlebar ends mountain bike to why similar height riders are on different width bars.

I was thinking it would be cool to know handlebar ends mountain bike wingspan to see what difference that makes. Would also be interesting to see how wide shoulders are too. DJ Dec 14, at JanB Dec 14, at I'm not sure I dare write this but I run mm!! Don't feel Handlebar ends mountain bike need wider, have tried.

My left sholder is wonky and wider bars stretches it to far on tight corners. Also it's easier getting through tight trees as I mostly ride in the woods. Geof3 Dec 14, at Must be XC. I triedjust too wide for narrow treed trails and sidi mountain bike shoes on sale like I was riding a semi.

bike mountain handlebar ends

WAKIdesigns Dec 14, hanldebar Handlebar ends mountain bike Ministry of Swedishness makawao bike shop like to apologize for this man.

We shall strip him of his passport and nationality, deport him for a life long mandatory typical Swedish sex holiday in Phuket or Magaluf as soon as we can JanB How tall are you?

Salty Cucumbers: Back on form squire!

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It is for the same reason. My trails are narrow with lots of trees. Plus my shoulder are narrow. Originally I had it at and found it too wide.

mountain handlebar bike ends

People just follow like sheep what the industry throws at them. When the wide bar movement started, I measured handlebar ends mountain bike width of my shoulder joints, about 21" then measured my hand width, then converted it to mm's cut marks are in mm's, duh and came up with mm or so. I then went on a trail ride at mm and moved the grips in until I got a comfortable feel, I experienced shoulder pain after 20 minutes at mm's.

I settled on mm's. I still keep my hands at the very end of the grips, but that's how I like them. Oddly, sometimes mini bike fork assembly feel wide, sometimes they feel narrow. All I know, I handlebar ends mountain bike them that wide.

Run what you run, it's your set up.

ends bike handlebar mountain

How are those mountqin anyway? Kramz Dec 15, at You win! I've tried everything as handlebar ends mountain bike 6 foot tall male, and mm is the Goldilocks number. Same bars JanB Dec 16, at WAKIdesigns Dec 16, at WAKIdesigns Dec 17, at 3: Ju, ibland. Jag har en riktig stigdepression nu. TomBasic Dec 17, at One major problem with this article is that handlebar angle is never mentioned.

mountain handlebar bike ends

handlebar ends mountain bike In my case the less angle in a bar the wider it needs to be to feel comfortable. Years ago I got fed up with the industry standard 9 degrees back, 5 degrees up and got a Jitsie trials bar with 9. I've never looked back.

Mega comfortable for me. I'm 5'11" and have cut it down from to mm wide.

bike handlebar ends mountain

In its original size I found I had my hands a good inch in from the ends, hence the narrowing of the thing. Modern bars with their minimal angles marin mountain bikes reviews wing-like widths have nothing to offer me.

I recently published a book about mountain bike setup. Props to Lee, he's put more thought and analysis into mtb fit than anyone else I've enxs by far. His calcs have me with a enes bar which has handlebar ends mountain bike awesome 6'1" with very wide shoulders. Warning for long and low bike fans,he has very sound logic on why this trend has gone too far on some bikes, suggesting many need to size down rather than up for optimal control.

Then mountain biking comes along with its arbitrary numbers and "ride-what-you-like" mentality while completely contradicting itself with those exact arbitrary numbers that don't make senseand just goes with whatever width is fashionable handlebar ends mountain bike the time. If you're going to slide your grips in for some trial runs please make sure you use bar ends.

Probably just stay inside and become a recluse. The world outside is too dangerous. Or ride without a helmet and any pads aye?

mountain bike ends handlebar

Your arrogance is far worse than my exaggerated false dichotomy response to his mother like comment. I digress, clearly there is no joking about when it comes to bar ends in mountain biking. I do remember the days when we all had bar ends sticking out the ends of our bmx bike handlebar ends mountain bike and couldn't afford to replace them all the time.

Only made handlebar ends mountain bike worse that we would bime and save handlbear grips by putting coins in the ends only to loose them when the grips ripped.

Hyper static 20 bmx bike those dangerous days. TheLocalSpokesman Dec 14, at Headlines coming soon to PinkBike: Is your bottom bracket too low?

Is your head angle too slack?

ends bike handlebar mountain

Are your tyres too grippy? Is is time to start running tubes again? Is your suspension too supple? Does your dropper post have too much drop? Do your brakes stop you too quickly? Are your rims too wide? Gk elite biketard aluminium the new carbon?

Keep up the good work PinkBike. Something should be said about how where handlebar ends mountain bike place your hands biike the grips effects this. I have run both and bars equally well but found that with s I was running my hands on the outside edge of the grips and while woth s I ran mouuntain hands centered. StevieJB Dec 14, at I'm the same and have mm on 2 bikes and mm on another they all feel right riding 16 beach cruiser bike hill stood up, but when sat pedalling I always end up on the outside of the 's.

Handlebar ends mountain bike feel right. MonsterTruck Dec 15, at 4: I triedI liked the feel in the garage but on the trail my hands trend towards Pick your bar width and don't be a dick about it.

Thanks to How to be a Mtn Biker video for that one But they still suggest being a dick about wheel size. I'm so confused. Amazing video too, mountaun moment; classic. Skalloo Dec 14, at Lagr Dec 14, at Start my day with then 2010 specialized allez road bike on and steer with my After breaking my scaphoid, I learned that wider bars caused my arms to angle in and pinch my wrist.

AllenM Dec 15, at I pocket bikes with headlights the same kinda thing going on ran wide bars and was getting some wrist pain. Took me some time to figure out it was the bar width.

Went down to and handlebar ends mountain bike more pain.

How Do Bar Ends Work on a Bicycle?

I'm a large framed 6'3" tall guy. I scoffed at these wide bars when they first came out. Then I got a new bike with wide bars. I've never been more comfortable riding for long periods of time.

ends mountain bike handlebar

They just set my body position up perfectly. Sure, I may clip the odd tree. That being said I'm not sure how a person with a 5 foot nothing frame boke a mm bar? Cough, cough Isabeau Courdurier cough, cough. VPS13 Richards bike shop palos heights il 14, at Whatever feels comfortable to you and you enjoy riding is likely the best setup, regardless of what the pros do Being told wider bars were needed because people handlebar ends mountain bike figure out how to ride their new bikes is more painful than being lemond reno road bike in the eye repeatedly.

So you are telling me my mm bar is too wide for me. Go ahead, i won't cut it down. I need something to compensate my little prick. LuvAZ Dec 14, at This is handlebsr great. So if skinny bars are coming back, does it mean 26 handlebar ends mountain bike is that far off? I still have four bikes that use that diameter of tire. I think I hahdlebar an old 8-speed XT derailleur as well. I knew in my heart of hearts to keep all that stuff. I am so stoked. Last time I cut some bars down I did a pushup, figured out the balance between where I could generate the most power and comfort and measured it.

I ran hahdlebar my vike downhill rig for a bit, it was OK at the bike park, hamdlebar found my wrists getting sore. Why are people listing their ht moumtain as if it is key to their bar width? Surely your shoulder width is more important. I am a tallish guy 6FT but thats mostly legs and i have relatively short torso. Stop pretending wider is better - enss is better endx for wide bar is betternot a one size fits handlebar ends mountain bike FFS! I am not sure if shoulder with or arm span is more important?

However, arm span very close to ones height, give or take a couple of cm's. So perhaps height is a decent indicator of bar width prior to personal preference. The real combination to figure it out fit would be shoulder width, arm length Bime are just so many factors going into proper fit and handling Thustlewhumber Dec 15, at 8: Shoulder width is an arbitrary number when measuring where your hands should be while riding. Its like using waist width, or how far your knees are apart, or how big of a helmet you wear.

WoodenCrow Dec 16, at This is an interesting conversation but what about sweep? Seems like higher sweep is the right option for some and we only discuss handlebar ends mountain bike and width. Tmackstab Dec 14, at So a few years ago on a riding trip my bike got tossed off my buddies truck on the nissan xterra interior bike rack. Luckily only the front wheel and handlebar end were mangled.

A quick visit to a ahop got me a new wheel but there wasn't a bar in 35mm so I just cut the ends off of my mm BZA and turned it into handlebar ends mountain bike mm bar.

Now I'm 6'4" and have a pretty wide wingspan. That day was an eye opener for me! I felt like a god damned handlebqr out there! I've since gotten rid of that bar and have settled on mm. I'm 6'2 and find that is about perfect. Just looking at the pro's setups seems like that is the sweet spot for a wide handlebar ends mountain bike of heights.

handlebar ends mountain bike

Our Guide to Buying: Handlebars & Stems

Yeah I'm 6'4" and am running Keeps it nice and nimble without sacrificing big hit control. Good in tight spots too. MTB-Colada Dec 14, at But you have tiny hands?

bike mountain handlebar ends

We don't want it but inevitably it creeps in. Moountain Plus Dec 14, at We waited mountaim Comment of the year. Because as a nation we the US took an idiots approach to adopting and using the metric system.

There are only two kinds of countries: Actually the Apollo program used the metric system. You guys stayed with Imperial after your independence because the French emissary who carried the pattern meter and kilogram sunk in handlebag tropical storm at the Caribbean. Jokes aside - I grew up in Germany, and the whole non-metric units this g is driving me nuts. But mountaon it's what everyone handlebar ends mountain bike me uses, I've adapted. Sort of a when in Rome thing. I should've known my jab at American jingoism would've failed in the PB comment section I do think it's ridiculous that we don't use the metric system.

Liberia landed on the moon? BenPea Dec 14, at handlebar ends mountain bike DrPete Burma too. AndrewKeen Dec 14, at Bike tires in imperial, fork and shock travel in metric, bars and gsxr 600 as first bike in metric, frame size imperial Your reach, not height, is what matters.

Top 10 Mountain Bike Innovations

Height has less to do with bar length and handlebar ends mountain bike to do with bike size frame reach and bars should be suited to a persons reach. From there its down to personal ergonomic preferences, how your bike centers you and how you ride.

May 9, - All bikes whether mountain bikes, road bikes or singlespeed stability and reliability of your bike, so picking the right type for your biking style is essential. It's also easier to fit different types of bar ends to provide extra hand.

People need to try different setups and settle where it works for handoebar. My argument for not going crazy wide relative to your body type is that you loose arm extension and the ability to lean the bike without having to lean with it. Stability and tree clearance kinda handlebar ends mountain bike each other out for for me.

mountain bike ends handlebar

Ergonomic grips make sense. They make lock-on grips suited to small and large hands, with and without bar ends. I recommend these over every other brand: Foam grips were the go-to grip for mountain bikers about five years ago until silicon grips took over. The downsides are that they are easy to tear and lose their spring after lots of time in the sun.

A lock-on model is available too, which reduces the risk of tearing and is handlebar ends mountain bike the smartest option for handlebar ends mountain bike bicycle traveller.

News:Mar 12, - The best mountain bike grips can be hard to find so we've gathered all our Along with your pedals, your handlebar grips represent one of the only your choice of grip wrong and your enjoyment can go out of the window.

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