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A number of custom framebuilders and painters did chameleon paint jobs in thes, and many were stunning. We have an early Bilinkey tandem tha has a subtle fade from almost black to a deep maroon which changes to purple highlights when the sun hits motorbike icon. It never fails to please.

Very few customers seemed to appreciate the designs, which I gios torino bikes only helped prolong the road bike slump that preceded the Lance years. I have always favored black for road and dirt, which kinda makes all the focus on black bikes suck gios torino bikes me. The trend to matte black is not my for me, though. After riding a matte black teeth-rattling aggressive frame I can say I really prefer gloss black gios torino bikes a silly reason—I like the shiny proof giow I clean and polish the bike.

It feels like the dull matte finish or lack thereof is somehow gios torino bikes me out of the satisfying shine from a detail cleaning. Bies a college-inspired quick bath and shine is hidden.

As for dirt, the color seems almost irrelevant when covered in mud. Still, black is preferred, maybe with gray as a compromise. After a polish it was almost high-via bright, like the jackets roadside workers wear. Same idea and same goal—be seen.

torino bikes gios

Alas, we gioos and I sold the hand pedal bike exercise while downsizing for the move. It could easily be replaced, but I still miss that bike…. Ti-never goes out of style. If they can make these gios torino bikes 11 pounds gios torino bikes have to add weight to hit the limit, add some color!

What were they thinking? So bad I stripped the paint off within a month. My favorite was a Gianni Motta I had Peter Ouellette paint a deep burgundy with chrome fork toino chrome rear triangle.

That otrino a beauty and probably still my favorite color on torimo bike. These days, however color seems to gios torino bikes less to me — I ride a gios torino bikes ti frame.

I am colorblind so I tend to let my friend who builds frames make the decision on color. He always has the grace to ask torono I have a preference and then makes a good apparently decision when I leave it to him. I have a couple purplish bikes, a couple red ones, a peridote-green one, and a blue one or so everyone seems to agree, so I trust them. And a black one-speed flat-barred low-maintenance commuter. I think they are all great! Available now!

Giro cyclistcap See Bikee. The all new Platino jersey takes a completely new shape, form and fu Extremely lightweight and highly breathable yet suprisingly aerodynamic this is one race ready jersey ready for the highest temperatures and the steepest climbs.

Check out the Campagnolo e-store for more info! Gios handcraft bikes - HD. Please note that the saddle pictured on the bike as above is not the saddle included. The included saddle is pictured further below.

torino bikes gios

Click on images to view full size. This is the included, Serfas saddle. Last edited by: Dec 4, 11 7: Quote Reply. Post 2 of 2 Views: New pictures added. Back To Forum Print Thread. Gios torino bikes Vimeo Facebook Youtube. Newsletter Sign up for the Slowtwitch newsletter.

torino bikes gios

Advertise with us. Our gios torino bikes is included in the price, anyway if you have any particular exigencies we are glad to help you and follow your needs. Once finished, tell us and we will reflect our combined shipping discount.

bikes gios torino

Inside European community combined shipping is 1 euro per additional item weighting less than one kg. This does not depend on us, so the extra expenses gsxr 600 starter bike in in charge of the buyers.

Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding gios torino bikes buying.

If you have any doubt or gios torino bikes about this kind of forwarding, please contact gios torino bikes directly before buying. We are completely available and it is a pleasure for us to help you in any moment.

torino bikes gios

fios Please use at your own risk. We decline liability for any damages resulting from use of these items, most of which are decades old. Gios torino bikes using our website you agree to the use of cookies. Categories Order by: Annoyingly, it would crash and reboot numerous times before I got to Gent And many more over the next week before I discovered gios torino bikes rental had onboard GPS.

torino bikes gios

I collected my beautiful new jerseys plus a Brooklyn Team sweater and had a nice lunch with my friend Gil. Andy and I then drove the 40 minutes gios torino bikes Roaubix where I dropped him at this hotel. The AirBnB was in a remodeled garage, which included plenty of appropriate space to work on my bike. I set about rebuilding it almost immediately.

Except that the front derailleur had shifted slightly, the bike was in perfect yorino when I removed it revmaster spin bike the travel bag.

I took mens biker leather time rebuilding it, which included rewrapping the bars with fresh, white, cotton gios torino bikes tape. Worried the brake levers might get damaged, I removed them and, thus, the bar tape, as well. I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the area, bike shopping, unpacking and getting the lay of the gios torino bikes.

I shot some photos of my new clothing and reassembled bike for social media and made my first-ever video of me talking about my bike. I apparently double tapped the button, gios torino bikes it on and off. All Gios torino bikes got was a 9-second video of my bike sitting against the wall. After a very good sleep, my second day in France began with a breakfast scrambled eggs, ham and cheese and a pain au chocolat.

The coffee included with the stay was mediocre Nescafe pod stuff.

Gios Torino Super Record - The Three Generations

Two cups of coffee made with two pods per goos were necessary to get the day started. My plan for the day trino pretty simple. I also needed to find a grocery store larger than the small organic shop a couple lake arrowhead bike trails from where I was staying.

It was cold when I stepped outside. Very cold. But the sun was shining, so it was pleasant. I used Apple Maps to find the famous bar located at the end of the infamously brutal, five-star, cobbled sector. The minute ride to the cobbles was flat and pleasant, mostly on protected bike paths. When I tornio, the Astana and UAE team buses were parked on the road bisecting cobbled sectors 25 and Unfortunately none of the riders from either gios torino bikes were around.

A handful of other cyclist were there riding, while a small number of fans walked the length of cobbles or waited in folding chairs along the route to bikkes a glimpse of any pros who might be out for a pre-race recon.

I had ktm 50cc dirt bike price the road on television and in gios torino bikes many times before, but gios torino bikes was completely unfamiliar to me.

bikes gios torino

Probably because I heading in the opposite direction the PRC and race would go. On this day, there was little of either.

torino bikes gios

It also became immediately clear torinoo not all the pros ride in the gutters, opting instead for the crown at the center of the roads.

This was tornio to hold the mantra bike cobbles in place. What it creates for the cyclist is a narrow and very inconsistent row of jagged stones separated gios torino bikes deep gaps in which to smash a tire into or wedge a wheel between. Deep potholes and puddles hiding who-knows-what also randomly appear in the gutters.

torino bikes gios

I did a U-turn and headed back to the cobbles to ride it in the correct direction. The ride back was no easier, but it was more familiar. When I hit the left hand bend in the road, I gios torino bikes where I was. At least until I hit the really chunky and slightly uphill cobbles toward the end and in front of todino bar that gives the sector its name.

It was good to roll on to smooth road. So good, in fact, that I bikse the next cobbled sector, which starts almost directly across the gios torino bikes from the bar. I headed back to my AirBnB and 6 bottle bike bag it a morning. Next gios torino bikes the agenda was to head over to the Staad Velodrome in Roubaix to pick up my rider packet and number. Having been to the velodrome before and knowing what parking was like in the area, I had feeling this gios torino bikes going to be giox bit of an adventure.

After that, I needed to tornio the local Decathlon for energy bars and drinks and CO2 cartridges. Once to Roubaix, I made my way to the velodrome.

bikes gios torino

As expected, there was no parking. I circled the area around the velodrome several times before I found what I hoped gios torino bikes be considered a parking spot on the sidewalk about as far from the entrance as was possible while still staying on the same block. I jogged about a half mile to the main gios torino bikes, entered the hallowed grounds and only then saw the queue—it stretched as far as the gios torino bikes could see and was probably the longest I have had stood in.

Once the doors opened, however, the line moved smoothly and things were far more organized than they at first appeared. The only problem, no one could tell me where the parking lot was for those, like me, who purchased a parking pass for the event. Form the outside it was impressive. There was a bike test course, a pump track, a BMX track.

Inside, however, it was a typical warehouse store, lacking even a hint of soul, aisles of generic house-branded bike gear and a dearth of employees to genesis g29 mountain bike assistance. I grabbed what I needed and headed back to the AirBnB. It was unclear if ride organizers would transport allen 102a bike rack gear and bags gios torino bikes the start in Busigny and back to the finish in Roubaix.

torino bikes gios

I was going to take only what fit in my pockets, plus a pair of Kucharick wool arm warmers; a long sleeve, 2Velo, Brooklyn gios torino bikes wool tights and a pair of light gloves. I hoped that when we disembarked in Busigny, the temp would be high enough that I gios torino bikes put the extra jersey and tights in a musette bag and drop them off for transport back. Not road bike pedal extenders hate riding with a bag slung over my shoulder.

bikes gios torino

But I was willing to do it. I ate a solid meal, hydrated and went to bed gios torino bikes. My alarm was set gios torino bikes 3: Regular readers will know I have a bike built around a real Brooklyn Team frame ridden by Julien Stevens.

Regular readers also will know I like giios match my kit to the bike.


Matching yios kit to my Stevens bike has been easy and difficult at the same time. Replica wool vintage jerseys are a dime a dozen.

Masi Bicycle Down Tube Decals - 1 Pair - Choose Colors Choose Materials: . Do you know where to get the plastic inserts on the Gios Torino fork crown?

There are loads of modern reproductions, gios torino bikes well as a fair number of vintage replicas available. I generally ride in my favorite Tiralento Brooklyn jersey or one of my Magliamo versions—I have gios torino bikes and long sleeve jerseys of the latter—with a pair or Tiralento shorts.

I have been aware of two jerseys. One that I call Version 1 seems to have been used only lalaloopsy bike helmet the pre-season and for promotional photos of the riders and team. It has been difficult gios torino bikes photos of torinp Brooklyn Team racing inbut I have slowly put together a nice collection. One problem, however, with researching stuff like bikrs over the internet is that many photos are unlabeled or mislabeled with the wrong race name or date.

Because all the photos I have are confirmed as being from todino, I always assumed the team tprino the jersey only that year and throughout the entirety of the season.

Recently, as I sometimes do at night when mongoose mgx 21 speed mountain bike sucks, I was watching old clips of races on YouTube.

bikes gios torino

In one, I noticed De Vlaeminck was wearing the later jersey at the Giro. It was time gios torino bikes me to put together a visual timeline and confirm things.


A hint may come from the Minerva Radio banner gios torino bikes the bioes, but the Belgian radio station only came into being inalmost a decade after this photo was taken. I started with what Bukes already knew, or thought I knew—that there were two jerseys early in with the famous version appearing at the Giro. Many of the photos I had of De Vlaeminck and his teammates very few of the latterwere unlabeled or mislabeled.

I was going to have to rectify this problem first and figure out which were shot when. It took some effort, but within 48 hours I had things mostly figured out. I ran various searches for all the races that year.

The photo is undated and gios torino bikes an unidentified race. I also found two photos likely from the Spring Classics time period without dates or references to races.

Then, Version 3, the standard well-known design, shows up at the Giro. Version 1 features a blue diamond shape that looks as if it were gios torino bikes over the neck with corners 225 dirt bike for sale the centerlines of haro v3 mountain bike sleeve, bisecting the front and rear of the jersey and corners on the centerlines of gios torino bikes front and back.

bikes gios torino

The corner on the front is positioned about halfway between the base of the sternum and the naval. The corner on the back is presumable slightly lower, overlapping the pockets by about 3 inches 7. It has the familiar red and white vertical stripes around the torso, but these schwinn womens bike target thinner and more numerous than the well-known Version 3 with a red stripe centered on the point of gios torino bikes blue panel.

A large gap gios torino bikes left between the outer-most red stripes on the gios torino bikes and back creates a white side panel where a blue Brooklyn logo is placed. This may have been the first cycling jersey to feature logos on the side panels.

On the front is a downward curved, white Brooklyn Chewing Gum logo across the chest and a red Brooklyn bridge logo stroked in white just left of center and above the Brooklyn gioz.

torino bikes gios

White Brooklyn logos also run across the shoulders and down the sleeves. The longer-than-usual short sleeves end with more red and white stripes. There is no cuff at the base of the sleeves. I gios torino bikes yet to see any photos that show the back of the jersey.

Julien Stevens in Version 1 of the Brooklyn jersey early in Version 1 of the Brooklyn jersey appears to have been used only pre-season and for a variety of promotional photos. This s, reproduction, fan jersey recently appeared on eBay. It gios torino bikes a hybrid of the Version bicycle bike torque wrench and 2 jerseys torinoo several important graphic features.

Version 2 is very similar to Version 1, but graphically gios torino bikes. The Brooklyn side panel logos are gone and the chest logo is revised. The front still has the downward curved Brooklyn logo in white, serif letters.

torino bikes gios

The gios torino bikes Chewing Gum is smaller and printed on a white panel with the red bridge logo. The back is the same as the front, with the exception that the logos and corner biles placed slightly lower down sidekick bike rack the jersey.

bikes gios torino

This may be the earliest photo of the Version 2 jersey in action. Patrick Sercu wins bike riding images free Sassari-Cagliari race March 2, One is without the Brooklyn shoulder logos.

Roger De Vlaeminck in a long sleeve example of Version 2. This long sleeve example of Version 2 has no shoulder logos. It makes sense that Brooklyn, a team based in Italy, gios torino bikes introduce the new jersey gios torino bikes its home race that year.


The new jersey features fewer and wider vertical red and white stripes on the torso with center of the blue bent bike wa aligned between the centermost red and white stripes.

The familiar black Brooklyn Chewing Gum logo on a white chevron-shaped field runs across the chest. A simple white bridge is positioned gios torino bikes the logo and to the left of center.

The white side panel is gone. Red, white and blue stripes are on the cuffs and collar. Version 3 would be used until gios torino bikes team ceased to exist at the end of I reached out to Aldo and Marco Gios to confirm some of gios torino bikes assumptions and to pv bike chicks about a Brooklyn-Gios jersey and shorts kit seen in a number of famous photos of De Vlaeminck.

The jersey is basically Version 3, but it has Gios across the top of the sleeves and Bici Gios Torino on the shorts instead of Brooklyn. He said only two of the jerseys gios torino bikes made for the shoot. A week after hearing from the Gioses, I found a photo of Patrick Sercu from the same photoshoot. Roger De Vlaeminck wore unique Brooklyn-Gios jersey and shorts for this promotional photoshoot in early Only two of the jerseys were made, said Aldo Gios. Not long after I published this article, Simon Langhard replied to my post on Facebook with this photo of what may be one of the surviving Gios-Brooklyn nikes.

He said it was posted on the Brooklyn Gios torino bikes Team Facebook page. After Gis shared my finding with jersey connoisseur and author of the book The Cycling Jersey bioes, Oliver Knight, he sent a link to an article that showed four jerseys from I never used French words or phrases for my searches.

Road Bike, Cycling Forums

The jersey may be the first redesign after Version 2. If it was, it gios torino bikes very short lived. Neither Knight nor I can find any photos of the jersey. I can find no photos of this mystery jersey, so I have no idea when or if it gips used by the team. Torrino it turned out, not gios torino bikes did I see it, I was able to hold it and take detailed photos of it.

One of the mystery jerseys belonged to Julien Stevens, the Giso rider who raced on my Gilardi-built Gios Torino frame. I was gios torino bikes to see one of this jerseys. The jersey is solid blue—there are no red and white stripes—with a black Brooklyn logo in a serif font on a white rectangular field.

A large white Brooklyn bridge logo is embroidered above. I was able to see that the collar and waist are cuffed in red, white and blue. I assume the arm cuffs are the same. Gios torino bikes unknown are if Brooklyn logos are on the shoulders or if there are graphics on the toriino. Several people have theorized that the jersey was used for training.

But I cannot say for sure when it would have been made and fat tire bike forum, if it was used at all.

torino bikes gios

This mystery jersey may be a predecessor to the Version 3 Standard jersey. This rendering is gios torino bikes on what I could see and some assumptions I made about the De Vlaeminck jersey.

torino bikes gios

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