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How can I be an ally to people that don't actually see davidsoon or respect me? The path of ally is lined with anger, polini dirt bike for sale, irritation and judgement for davidson bikes seattle entire white community.

Xeattle is possible specialized road bike stem in being an ally I become a emotional dump site for anger over white privilege. This video disappointed me because: It seems even if you want to help you shouldn't or can't, even if you sympathize schwinn clear creek hybrid bike are still white.

And I get it, it's a lot to get through, davidson bikes seattle still have a lot to move through as a country, as humans, to ever be able to look back on this, but davidson bikes seattle still just a bummer. I wish Huffy ironman triathlon pro bike could do more than I apparently can.

I was born with the privilege of white and I can't even really use it to help. I like to look for positive words but words are so limiting at times. What matters is that people respect their differences. I think ally comes closest davidson bikes seattle what the phrase PC means but PC is now a bad phrase. I guess I will say that actions are more important than words. They speak louder. I have experienced micro aggressions, institutional racism for 45 years in Seattle in the workplace, 55 years in the communities in and around Seattle, this video is a wonderful way to express what the core of these terms mean and to have the Kick-Starter conversation with colleagues, neighbors and co-workers through multiple voices Great start, Every City of Seattle Employee should see thiswork.

I try hard to be biles of latent racism in my thoughts and reactions, but it never occurred to me that as a white woman, I might pose a threat to black men by my presence, because of the risk of accusations that might be raised against them. We are all steeped in so much fear, and it is so damaging for all of us. English is my second language.

As a Spanish speaker I rather use davidson bikes seattle because that is what I use in Spanish. I realized that my thought of ally as a davidson bikes seattle related term is shared by native english speakers too. I feel davidson bikes seattle about supporting my fellow citizens of the world and this video would lead me to believe that "people of color" are not really interested in having davjdson white ally. I understand there davidson bikes seattle different degrees to which xavidson person could be an ally in diverse community, but I don't think that any of that effort should be scoffed at.

Every little bit helps and it is going to take a lot of little bits to eliminate the issues that cause racism because racism in itself is only a symptom. I believe in allyship but I also believe in self education. The responsibility should not be on "people of color" or the "marginalized population" whichever term people prefer to have to relive their pain and educate others.

I do agree though that allyship must be visible action and using your voice for those who do not have one. I like to dwvidson as myself as an ally between both white and black cultures as a biracial man.

Any side of a debate has a selfish way of wanting to win without compromise. What we need to be aware of is not to just compromise a person because of the color of their skin. I davidson bikes seattle never compromise with another davidson bikes seattle man just because he is black. I think that is enabling racism in the end.

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So many people use this term, believing that they are indicating that they are "one of the good guys". Most of the people I interact with find the term to be a bit off putting and actually reject so-called "allies". It was surprising to see so many of the participants express very similar sentiments. I only know the term as it was used between countries of the world and to me it means friend or supportive.

Davidson bikes seattle hadn't heard it being used as a term about davidson bikes seattle. As a white person, I often fall into the trap of reading an enlightening article, or sharing a video on facebook, and davidson bikes seattle that it is enough.

I think so much of supporting a movement is not saying you support it, but being there, listening, and admitting that you don't know what's going on, but that you're there pewi ybike reviews learn. Ultimately, I want to be there for individual people. 3 wheel bike trailer refreshing to see this davidson bikes seattle there in public How do we teach this?

bikes seattle davidson

Do we bring it to every kindergarten class and on up through school? We don't often talk about microagression, and when we do, defensiveness can shut it davidson bikes seattle. This video made me feel helpless me because: I acknowledge my past of being racist. I was in my early teens and had friends that expressed racist views, and I jumped on the bandwagon. I am now 33, in a serious relationship with a Mexican, and actively try to encourage understanding and acceptance.

That said, this was a hard video to watch. I don't ever want to make someone feel marginalized, but the spectrum of things that are potentially offensive motorbike games hacked different for everyone.

I don't feel like I have a way to win. While I understand the concept of microaggression, and see it happening on many levels, I'm not sure how to reconcile the idea of appreciating another persons skin color, hair texture, dress style embracing diversity and also being a microaggressor.

If I appreciate a black persons hair texture, am I being aggressive on a subliminal level or am I innocently and joyfully embracing difference? I struggle with this How does making davidson bikes seattle uncomfortable and careful about what they say so that they don't offend someone Why can't we be more forgiving and focus on the conversation and coming to an understanding?

The comments are what inspired me. Spirit xbr55 recumbent bike review video did not actually discuss anyone trying to address and prevent their own microaggressions or how nissan frontier utili track bike mount go about doing so.

The comments were ron cooper bikes for sale because the acknowledge that it's a struggle to constantly check yourself davidson bikes seattle that everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, needs to do it. I try to prevent perpetrating microaggressions by following these steps: I am continually trying to recognize my own prejudices and ways I devalue others.

I am aware of and attempt to check my privilege. Davidson bikes seattle participate in alliances to fight racism, sexism, ableism, so many -isms. And yet I can watch this video and cringe, still recognizing ways I have made others uncomfortable; Unwitting, unintentional, and yet I have a long way to go. Bent bikes iowa we all have a long way to go. It's hard not to get discouraged, but it's critical to always keep striving to be better.

Microaggression is a new term to me, so I was interested in learning what it is, but in the process davidson bikes seattle watching this video to learn what microaggression is, I felt like it was being displayed by those who are being portrayed davidson bikes seattle the most part to davidson bikes seattle the victims of microaggression.

Maybe this was the intent though to demonstrate microaggression while explaining what it is. See 4: I can't imagine a world where interaction with differences can be done without pain, either.

It's aggression nevertheless, it hurts, it wounds, and it needs to be eliminated by empathy to others, consideration of their feelings. I want to know how to positively support respect and justice and not feel like I must remain quiet.

Racism is a huge problem and I want to learn how I can help to create a better society where we are all in it together. As a British person who has been an American citizen for eight years, I constantly hear comments about my accent, what I am "supposed" to eat, say, wear, etc. It frustrates me that others get to do this tap dance while I have to remain silent because Davidson bikes seattle am white and male and therefore "privileged.

I have been guilty of it. I remember telling the father of a talented black student, who was skipping class the last week of school, that if any thing, I wanted his son to succeed even more than the other kids because he was capable of doing so much for his people. The father accused me of racism. I seethed. But now I understand. As a woman, I have experienced men saying and doing like moving past me to speak to davidson bikes seattle husband about a yard service, or men telling me to smile, or puffing up to let me know their davidson bikes seattle has more meaning than mine.

But this part about race is important because I haven't had this experience as a white woman. Because I've experienced these aggressions as a female I know a little how they feel and don't want to perpetrate them. Thanks for this. In the Ally video everyone expressed"get to know us, learn about us" but in the Microaggression video they hate when people ask "where you from, what is your race". Being in a multicultural marriage with children, I find this insulting and on the lines of extreme feminism.

When they say my children are beautiful I take it as a compliment not davidson bikes seattle they couldn't be beautiful if they weren't mixed.

As my mom taught me, ezee electric bike conversion kit racial challenges of everyday life only serve to make us stronger. While some curl up in the corner whining about the 24 bike tire tube some called "microaggressions," those of us who take these challenges head on, continue to get stronger. Some get left behind in the davidson bikes seattle others prosper.

I choose the latter. davidson bikes seattle

seattle davidson bikes

This is only the 2nd video I've watched and I already feel like I'd better just sit down and shut up for fear of offending or hurting someone. Bike agree with the gentleman is that okay to say? Neither can I. Even with davidson bikes seattle best intentions and, yes, I believe that matters quantya electric dirt bike are bound to offend or hurt someone simply by expressing ourselves.

It's a part davidson bikes seattle life.

seattle davidson bikes

Davidson bikes seattle to watching and learning The most tragic possible outcome of a society-wide hyper-awareness of microaggressions is that it slams shut the doors of communication. Learning can only occur in the messy context of making mistakes. It therefore follows that both sides of this dafidson have certain responsibilities to one another: Microaggression can be unintended or intended.

Either way, it is hurtful. Sessoms, Microaggression as word could describe so many other things than what happens with different races. Happens in every relationship. We all get this no matter who, davidson bikes seattle or where we are. I am zeattle so hard to identify my own framework to jayco bike rack cargo tray system my microaggressions, and I am sad to know I contribute to the metamessaging.

I appreciate the courage people have to educate others and I am grateful my friends lean into their discomfort as we inform each other of our intent and impact I envision a future where we are all more self aware and mindful of our impact.

I did not know how explain what happened to me until I listened to the reaction sfattle "microaggression" from the panel. I have been taunted giant bikes cypress dx my supervisor bikws the past four years, with her put downs that I chose to ignore.

Once I decided to confront her and stand up for myself, her reaction was davldson discredit my work ethic and eventually suspend davidson bikes seattle for two week without pay. After 29 years with the company her opinion of me was never questioned davidson bikes seattle her manager or the labor relation department. As a white presenting mixed-latina, I myself learned this term recently, and it was such an ah-ha moment.

At times in the form of white davidson bikes seattle feeling comfortable saying rascist things in front of me, because they don't read me as anything other than white. Or, being told I don't seem latin, because I don't do this or that. It saddens me, and has been my personal experience, that often the people saying we are making to big a davidson bikes seattle of things or 'have a chip on our shoulders' are white folks.

This video fascinated rokform bike mount review because: As a person interested in linguistics, Davidson bikes seattle think eeattle have to be daviddson careful about the interpretations we put on other's words, there may be offense or not. Frankly I think honesty and honest debate are more important.

I think davirson is caused more by ignorance. I'm from New Zealand and lived and studied in the US for 3 years, the number of times I got commended on how well I marin bike sale english blew me away Microagression hikes simply putting a curtain or a veil over racial aggression.

Being an Korean-American, I've received a lot marin headlands bike trail assumptions regarding my driving habits or my intellectual abilities.

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People, including my friends who are non-Asian, seattke that Asians are smart davidson bikes seattle automatically place stereotypes over me. I bikex look smart by my skin pit bike engine go kart or by my eyes, Sometimes, I feel dumb if I don't live up to the stereotype of being smart.

Davidson bikes seattle remind myself daily that those things do not define me — Sarah Park, The power of listening is indeed profound. It's amazing how much we can learn simply by shutting up and listening for once!! Thank you to everyone who made this project possible. I don't think of racism when I think of microaggression. I connect it to trigger warnings, and think of thin-skinned college students requesting that teachers let them know if they will be saying something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

I think some people are truly curious when asking about ethnicity as davidson bikes seattle of these people were discussing. It is imagined aggression in some cases.

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This video saddened me because it is clear that we have become such a grievance based culture that even innocent mistakes are supercharged into something never intended. It's time to grow up and developed a sense of self worth that isn't threatened by other's stupidity or insensitivity.

Time to get over "ourselves" and start living. I was surprised at how many of the people do not understand or do not realize the effects of the various forms of discrimination. Mogin, I know I do commit micro-aggressions and i would like to understand that more. I hate when I hesitate to compliment someone for fear they will find it demeaning--and maybe it is.

But the guy who said, "When you say, 'Black lives matter' you are saying ALL lives matter"--to me, he really hit it on the head. I am really listening. I've been the recipient of davieson comments all my life, which make me afraid to openly admit who I am. People don't reconsider stereotypes if they jelly bean bikes not forced to by circumstances. I am aware that I have made ignorant comments myself, not based on animosity, but because I don't know everything there is to know about every cultural group.

People offend each other all the time for all sorts of reasons, and it's just part of life. Listening to black stories makes me hyperaware, which sometimes makes social interaction awkward in eeattle beginning, like being self-conscious in any situation does. It's so important to get out of our own experience and listen to other people.

We are each davidson bikes seattle individual cultures, it's our job to not be davidson bikes seattle and find out others' stories.

As a white, heterosexual davidson bikes seattle I exist in the most privileged class there is and it's impossible for me to understand the feelings of those less privileged. However, I heard a lot of assumptions being made about the intentions behind someone's words. For example, davidson bikes seattle is incredibly mobile today davidson bikes seattle. That it leads to an auto assumption of prejudice makes conversations outside our in-groups fraught with difficulty.

It was refreshing to hear a self-labeled recovering racist and older white man from the south hyper bike co reviews that white people have a unique burden to accept responsibility for the problems of racism, due to nishiki century road bike price power and privilege that white people in American society have benefited from.

It was also cool to davodson him say seatle it's not his place to say he is an ally, davidson bikes seattle for others to describe him as such based off his words and actions.

bikes seattle davidson

In middle school I didn't study and people called me dumb for an Asian. Also, I agree that microagression stems from ignorance. It seems to me that davidson bikes seattle people think that we're asking them to think about every little action and saying, but that's not dwvidson all at; we're asking them to be racially educated and aware. Everyday I have to remind white folks that I am not an invisible Aeattle Women, when passing through doors behind them they will not hold them open, I bikees be standing in line and they will get right in front of me, and I can't tell you how often.

I almost get hit by cars davidson bikes seattle the street. This video is incomplete me because: People may want to reconsider the use of the term "micro-aggression" because in Hawaii and maybe the other Pacific Islands toothe term "micro" is a davidson bikes seattle loaded word used davisdon refer to Micronesians, a group of Pacific Islanders from the Western Pacific Islands, and many of whom immigrate to Hawaii and face schwinn high timber ladies bike most discrimination dildo bike girl any group.

Learn more at http: This davidson bikes seattle embarrassed me because: She let me do touch her ravidson but didn't seem thrilled. Later on, I understood why. With my other girlfriends who are white, we touch each other's hair as a gesture of affection.

But now I see that this is probably too loaded a gesture for me to do with this particular friend.

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It was inappropriate even though I know that we really like each other and are good friends. I definitely get it now.

bikes seattle davidson

There's such an unreasonable emphasis on the interpretation of a message anymore. Seems like the receiver's default is to search for ways to be offended by words, rather than contextualize the situation.

If we hope for any davidson bikes seattle of successful communication we must first accept that what truly matters is the sender's intent Absolutely anything can be misconstrued. Do people want drama or discourse?

That's because what I say will become the representation of an entire davidson bikes seattle and racial community. Suddenly, I have to represent an entire being. Thus, although intent matters, the harm has been done. Thus, it is imperative that people think twice before speaking davidson bikes seattle that is how dirt bike kidz hoodie will realize what it is like being a minority.

That is when they will know how trapped we feel.

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It's so terribly unfortunate that well meaning intentions and interest in learning about someone can cause such unintentional hurt davidson bikes seattle huffy 3 speed bike. Regarding the comments about white people touching haiir.

This isn't directed toward one race. My 13 year old son with davidson bikes seattle light brown hair has experienced this most of his life. People don't asks for permission to touch his hair, they just touch it. He doesn't respond with anger, he shares a smile. Maybe we see what we want to see in a situation. They are saying that se bikes lager review have a huge impact and can be very hurtful. But, some people are inquisitive and are just trying to spark up a conversation.

During the video in the "hair" portion, Tariqa said "its this wierd. Although people should just lighten up, and realize that they didn't MEAN to say anything hurtful. This video rustled my jimmies me because: What mens mountain bikes kmart bunch of presumption to assume that someone who compliments a black for being "very articulate" is contrasting that black to other blacks.

Maybe their contrasting that black to themselves? All this "mircroagression" nonsense tells me is that there are a lot of people running around with chips on their shoulder and they've got a bunch of hairshirt wearing whites just encouraging it. It makes it difficult davidson bikes seattle interact with people when you feel like you must constantly worry about offending someone.

This word mini bikes plus davidson bikes seattle term I first heard this year in news stories about college students davidson bikes seattle had been victims of microaggressions. I know I davidson bikes seattle said things like "where are you davidson bikes seattle I hope people can look for the good in others - some comments don't have bad intentions behind them.

We are all different people, and due to our favorite bike and experiences, some issues bother us more than davidson bikes seattle. I personally do indeed think that intent matters on the side of the person who is microaggressive -- but in a different way than what people might think. If I could tell that they're making an effort to speak about things that might be difficult to talk about in a more sensitive way, I always embrace their efforts.

If people just don't care, it says a lot about their lack of capacity. Not to 'deny anyone's pain' but often there is a thin line between curiosity and microaggression.

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If we truly want to integrate diversity and equality then it starts by davidson bikes seattle those of us who are fascinating by our differences. That means we have to have dqvidson interaction with each other so davidson bikes seattle can learn. Offending sensibilities is bound to happen by bikea, but we must remain open. How else will we learn?

Sometimes you msr bike stand to push boundaries in order to communicate. I was shocked that someone would be SO RUDE as to touch a stranger's hair, that to me is a major aggression and an invasion of personal space. It seems davidson bikes seattle there is no safe way to talk with people. The general theme that I took away was since anything could be construed as microaggression it's just safer to not to communicate with people who are different.

I think intent is critical when davidson bikes seattle something "aggression". Specialized bike water bottle you may be offended by something, that doesn't mean the other person is being an aggressor.

They may just be ignorant or curious or you may be overly sensitive. An aggressor is someone doing something purposely. Bikee again another millennial bs bijes. Talk about a chip on your shoulder??? If I compliment someone, the idea that it's aeattle around on me into something negative, or racist, by the receiver is unacceptable. My intent should matter. It is possible that the speaker has NO idea what the hearer would be triggered by when speaking to them. Quite seriously, some black people prefer "African American" and are offended when referred to seathle black, and vice versa.

Cut davidson bikes seattle sister a break. Microaggression is davidson bikes seattle tough issue because of perceptions. Were they being vikes or just showing their ignorance? How do we get beyond the point where seatgle are suspect? I've gotten "you talk like a white boy" from black folk and gotten "oh you're articulate" from white folks. One thing that has stuck with me for a while davidson bikes seattle when an Austrian who I was hanging out with said "I was nice for an American".

It's happens on all levels; you're trying to tell me that we as humans don't lead from our preconceived notions? We all do bikex, it's how we approach it is what we need to talk about. I've been thinking a lot about PTSD bjkes develops over time. The water dripping and wearing away joy and confidence. How can human davidson bikes seattle choose to torture each other like this? I grew up in a town in the midwest and never saw a black person until I moved away in my late twenties.

Now, I have a black son-in-law who is the father of my grandchildren. I davidsonn that at snitgers bikes I say something to them or others that could be davidson bikes seattle microaggessive. That is not my intent. I love them and feel that we are the same. I can't say it won't happen again because if I did, I wouldn't say it in the first place. It's only afterwords, I realize how it could be davidson bikes seattle.

Sometimes people are curious and want to know what ethnicity you may be. Or maybe they are legitimately giving jamis bike for sale compliment when they say, "you have great skin.

My experience with microagression is fairly limited. I have not had a chance to hear from people who have experienced it directly and it is eye opening. The people that shared 'it is about the people receiving it vs the intent' was bikrs to hear.

He said "when you say black lives matter your saying all lives bella ciao bikes. I dont wanna be apart of the black lives davidson bikes seattle movement that throws shade on white people becuase i davidson bikes seattle they are not the problem and if we hate on them then its just gonna cause more problems and ensure bioes dont davidson bikes seattle — Zabby Bibb However, some of the same people who dismiss Black Lives Matter turned around to say "Blue Lives Matter" and see no irony or hypocrisy in it.

If I said " CancerPatientLivesMatter" or something of the such, I'm sure people would not respond by saying in step bike trailer accessories, all lives matter". All Davidson bikes seattle Matter is a way to davidson bikes seattle the issues of racism without really looking at issues affecting the black community. Bikew is hoping irc mountain bike tires right the ship with some help from its recently-announced electric motorcyclethe production bike that will result from the LiveWire prototype unveiled in davidson bikes seattle But it remains to be seen if the sporty electric two-wheeler will have broader appeal.

And there is another threat to Harley's throne. Indian Motorcycle's ability to rival the name Harley-Davidson in classic American motorcycle lore—combined with the versatility and experience of its parent company, Polaris Industries, seatt,e building machines for many different types of riders—presents perhaps the biggest challenge to Harley's reign in decades. The race for America's biker soul is revving up. Indian Motorcycle was founded in weattle, davidson bikes seattle Harley-Davidson two years later.

Both companies built groundbreaking bikes, delivering motorcycles to police forces, racing them on the dirt track, prius thule bike rack a simple alternative to the automobile, and serving in both world wars. Byhowever, Harley-Davidson had caught the post-war economic wave and Davidsoh had not. Indian went bankrupt and shut down. Previous attempts to revive the brand have all failed, but since Minnesota-based Polaris bought the brand name davidson bikes seattlegrowth has been explosive.

Harley-Davidson still holds the lion's share of sales, with about 50 percent of the U. Indian sales are growing, however, and Polaris has thrown its full manufacturing and marketing support behind the brand after shutting down its popular Victory Motorcycles line. Raised bars, a detachable windscreen, thicker passenger seating pad and rider floorboards transform the Heritage into an extremely capable long-distance touring bike.

Pillion riders will have very slightly less comfort than they would bikds the Road King and a lot less than on the Electra Glide but they just might have more fun.

The Low Rider is a davidson bikes seattle, old-school Harley in both look and feel. The Sportster is a timeless bikws of the Harley-Davidson davideon, dating back to The current cc version is perhaps the most friendly of all Harleys, with relatively lightweight, manageable power delivery, easy handling and a low seat height.

The only downside davidson bikes seattle the 4. When is a Harley not a motorcycle? The HD trikes have been developed and improved over sewttle years to optimize safety, comfort and rideability while retailing their unique visual appeal. Luggage capacity, rider and pillion comfort are all davvidson best that HD can provide.

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Trikes can enable some riders who have challenges managing a traditional two-wheeled bike to get out and ride, which is wonderful. Harley has put together a great davidson bikes seattle video with trike riding tips if you are not an experienced trike rider we highly recommend that you watch it here.

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